In a new podcast, Björk will walk us through the “moods, timbres, and tempos” of her albums.

The first three episodes, titled Sonic Symbolism, will delve into Debut, Post, and Homogenic

Björk is reflecting on her current discography in her own podcast, Sonic Symbolism, ahead of the release of her tenth studio album, Fossora. On September 1, the first three episodes of the podcast will be released, taking listeners through the life events and musical process behind Debut, Post, and Homogenic—three absolutely monumental works.

Björk explains the inspiration for Sonic Symbolism:

“When people ask me about the differences between the music on my albums, I find it easiest to use visual shortcuts.” That’s why my album covers look like homemade tarot cards. The image on the front may appear to be just a visual moment, but it is simply describing the sound of it to me. I try to express it through the colour palette, textile textures, what I’m holding, the posture I’m in, and the angle of it in relation to the world. Furthermore, the emotion of the mouth attempts to convey the overall mood of the album. Is it possible to describe it as sonic symbolism? Most of us go through phases in our lives that last about three years, which is also how long it takes to create an album or a film. This podcast is an experiment to see what moods, timbres, and tempos were vibrating during each of these stages.”

Oddn Eir, a philosopher and writer, and smundur Jónsson, a musicologist, will accompany her on her new venture. Sonic Symbolism’s official trailer can be heard here.

Aside from the podcast, the singer recently announced the release of Fossora’s lead single, “Atopos,” as well as the track’s mossy and fungi-filled cover art—appropriate for what’s been dubbed her “mushroom album.”

Sonic Symbolism’s first three episodes premiere on September 1, with a new episode released every week until October 13.