In the midst of controversy, Warner Bros. is reportedly considering three different options for the Ezra Miller movie “Flash.”

One possibility is that the movie is completely canceled.
In light of the continuing controversy involving “The Flash” star Ezra Miller, Warner Bros. is allegedly pondering how to proceed.

A source told The Hollywood Reporter that the studio is evaluating three scenarios for the DC movie’s release, including one scene in which the project is completely scrapped. The picture is presently scheduled for June 23, 2023.

The first possibility, according to the insider, would have Miller seeking out professional assistance, which WB has heard rumblings could occur. They might then do an interview where they discussed their contentious actions. Then “The Flash” could be launched, but Miller would only take part in a small amount of press.

The movie might still debut in theatres if the company chose the second course of action, but Miller wouldn’t be actively involved in its marketing. Miller would also stop playing Barry Allen/The Flash in any upcoming movies since the studio will cast a new actor to play the part. (Many fans have been calling for Miller to be replaced in the movie with Grant Gustin, who plays the title character in the CW television series “The Flash”).

The most startling option would involve Warner canceling the $200 million film and not releasing it at all. This would only occur, though, if Miller’s situation worsens further. Because of the film’s enormous budget, THR referred to this as an “extraordinary move.”

Although the CEO of Warners’ parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav, recently complimented “The Flash” as one of the “terrific” upcoming DC Comics movies, it now seems that the movie’s future is dubious due to Miller’s legal issues.

Miller gained notoriety earlier this week after they were accused of breaking into an unoccupied home in Vermont, according to TMZ’s report on Monday. According to the source, the “Fantastic Beasts” actor was charged with taking alcohol bottles from a Stamford residence in May, according to the Vermont State Police.

This arrest is just the most recent in a string of legal problems that have plagued the DC Comics superhero in the past 12 months.

Tokata Iron Eyes’ parents, who are 18 years old, alleged in a court document that Miller has been grooming their daughter for years. According to TMZ, the two requested a restraining order for their daughter from Miller, who they claim is “on the run” with her, at Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court. Iron Eyes, however, provided a different account of what happened.

The “Justice League” actor was detained for second-degree assault in Hawaii back in April after allegedly throwing a chair at a friend’s house after Miller ordered him to leave.

Miller was also detained the previous month during an incident at a club where they allegedly lunged at a man playing darts and stole the microphone from a woman singing karaoke.