In the trailer for her new film ‘Beautiful Baby,’ Brooke Shields says she’s “spent my life owing people things.”

Beautiful Baby: Brooke Shields will be available on Hulu on April 3rd.

Brooke Shields opens up in her new documentary.

The actress and model are opening up about her experiences in the industry — including the hypersexualization she faced from a young age — in the Hulu documentary Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields.

“I spent my entire life owing people stuff and doing whatever they wanted,” the 57-year-old star says in the teaser video, which was published on Wednesday. “And then I asked myself, ‘Who am I if I don’t tolerate that any longer?'”

Shields’ life will be followed in two parts, beginning with her upbringing working on the sets of projects and films such as the controversial Beautiful Baby and The Blue Lagoon. Shields was the face of public scrutiny from youth to adulthood as the face of Calvin Klein’s jeans advertising in the 1980s.

Shields spoke with The Hollywood Reporter in January about some of the situations she chose to highlight in the documentary, including a sexual assault she suffered in her twenties at the hands of an unknown Hollywood professional.

“I didn’t know if, when, or if I was ever going to bring this up,” Shields said of the assault, which occurred in a hotel room decades ago.

“It took many years of counseling for me to even be able to talk about it,” she continued. “I’ve worked really hard through it, and I’ve learned to process it.”

“Now I’ve arrived, and our culture has arrived, at a point where we can talk about these things much more openly. I had no notion I would say it, “Shields were installed.

Shields stated that she was finally ready to discuss the attack after keeping it quiet for three decades and that she hoped her experience would help other struggling young women and men advocate for themselves.

Despite Shields sharing her personal tale for the first time in the film, she told The Hollywood Reporter that she still “loves” working in Hollywood and considers it a “blessing” to be able to do so.

Shields said she is delighted to share her experience with the globe as the film travels through the festival circuit.

“I’m not dreading any of it because the tale is so much greater to me,” Shields continued. “The incident [attack] that will surely be highlighted is only five minutes long [in the film], but there is an additional hour and 45 minutes. I’m very gratified to look at my body of work and say, ‘I accomplished that, and I kept learning and improving,’ and I’m still here.”