In the US, you can buy LEGO Minifigure Factory.

In the US, LEGO has started a test version of its new online LEGO Minifigure Factory. It’s an easy-to-use online tool that lets you change a minifigure’s face, headwear, torso, legs, and accessories in a lot of different ways. Here, you can play with it. These minifigs were made to order and cost $11.99. The factory is still in beta, so when you click on it, it might not be there. If so, you can try again another time. For the time being, you can only have one Minifigure per house.

The Minifigure Factory reminds me of the Xbox Design Lab, where you can make your own shopping mode Xbox controller. It’s not quite as full-featured as Microsoft’s shopping mode lab, but it does let you customize LEGO minifigs quite a bit.

You can choose the face and hairstyle or hat for your character. There aren’t too many choices, so it’s easy to look at all the ones that might interest you. The legs and options for accessories are also pretty easy to understand.

Where you have the most creative options is on the torso. You can select what kind of shirt or outfit you want for your Minifigure. You can enter text in a variety of fonts and colors, and decorate it with images from a number of categories like sports, animals, accessories, and more.

The resulting Minifigures are 1.5 inches tall, just like the ones that come with LEGO sets. The company hints it will add more customization options in the future, and says it welcomes suggestions from fans.

Here, you can make your own LEGO Minifigure and order it. I didn’t order one in the end, but it was fun to make my own IGN guy. Check out what fun designs you can make on your own.