Incredible 429 Boss for Sale with Matching Numbers and Price Tag

A 41-year-old Mustang is available for $675,000. Not just any Ford Mustang, but a 429 Boss in pristine condition. This 1-in-500 Boss deserves the best of the best moving forward with less than 17k miles (27,000 km) on it and is fully original. The 1970 model year Mustang with matching numbers is the 13th vehicle in its lineage to leave the KK factory.

The automobile has had a tremendous life, as you can see in the images, and can still flex its muscles, so put all superstition aside. The inside is nothing short of a piece of beauty, aside from the deliciously eye-catching Grabber Blue paintwork. The color-keyed carpets and vinyl hi-back White Décor bucket seats don’t speak anything about the car’s race-bred habits.

Aiming squarely at the 426 Hemi in the ‘Cuda nemesis, the drag pack, power steering, power front disc brakes, and competitive suspension were installed. Or any of the other muscle cars of that era produced by GM, all of which were meant to unseat the Mustang.

That leads us the right to the core of the narrative: the fabled 429 ci (7-liter) engine. It was devoted exclusively to the Mustang. Following considerable consideration, the Ford officials decided to install the new engine in their most popular vehicle. In fact, they were so careful in their investigation that they entirely missed one small detail: the engine bay wasn’t spacious enough for the powerful Nascar-ready engine.

The 429 was crammed into the vehicle by the Kar Krafts division, but there was no room for air conditioning. Another difficulty stemmed from the weight of the large engine. The result was a nose-heavy automobile. The battery was relocated to the trunk, and a 3/4″ sway bar was installed at the rear as a defense. The 429s are the best handling big-engine Mustangs thanks to the anti-roll bar, a Mustang first.

The hood got a huge scoop to maximize the power of the large block underneath it (the biggest one in any factory-production Mustang). When they were done, the engine produced 375 horsepower and 450 lb-ft (610 Nm) of torque. This made room for an 8,000 RPM rev counter to move into the center and join the 120 mph speedometer. In accordance with then-recently enacted federal rules, this car happens to be the first to be equipped with an emissions control system.

The 3.91:1 rear axle, which had a traction-lock limited slip diff for greater track performance, received power from the four-speed manual transmission. An oil cooler was placed in the engine compartment to accomplish the same goal of allowing high rpm for an extended period of time.

Other available upgrades on this KK number #2073 include a working front air spoiler and F60X15 belted elevated white leather tires. An electronic clock, a rim blow-deluxe steering wheel, and a convenience group (common for all 1970 Boss 429s) can be found inside. The page 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 C 894 is available at Owners manuals, an original spare inflator, Deluxe- and Elite- Marti reports, and the original invoice makes up the documentation for this uncommon Boss.