Industrial unrest and NG Bailey

Industrial unrest and NG Bailey

The dispute is a result of the decision by building services contractor NG Bailey not to pay a bonus of £6.50 an hour to its workers, despite the bonus being authorised by the client, AWE. The bonus is being paid by other electrical contractors on the project, with AWE picking up the bill, as a gesture to ease the cost of living crisis.

AWE’s Mensa project is building a new facility for assembling and disassembling nuclear warheads.

Approximately 100 NG Bailey electricians on AWE’s Mensa project will begin balloting for strike action on Monday 13th February with the ballot closing on Friday 10th March. If the workers vote for industrial action, then strikes could begin later next month, said Unite, the trades union that represents them.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: “NG Bailey’s behaviour is beyond comprehension. AWE has authorised bonus payments to the workers and yet NG Bailey is still refusing to pay them.

“Unite always prioritises the jobs, pay and conditions of its members and the union will be giving its total support to the NG Bailey workers at the AWE.”

Unite regional officer Malcolm Bonnett said: “If NG Bailey wants to avoid strike action, which will cause serious disruption and delays, then it needs to return to the negotiating table and agree to pay the bonus in line with other contractors.”

NG Bailey has been asked for comment.

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