Jameela Jamil mocks Kim Kardashian's viral advise on work ethic.

Jameela Jamil mocks Kim Kardashian’s viral advise on work ethic.

Jameela Jamil blasted Kim Kardashian for asking individuals who don’t have as much familial privilege to get off their backsides and work.

“I believe that if you grew up in Beverly Hills with highly rich parents in a smaller estate… Nobody wants to hear your opinions on success/work ethic,” Jamil responded to Kardashian’s business advice for women on Twitter.

“The same 24 hours a day s–t is a nightmare,” she continued. “99.9% of the globe grew up with a VERY DIFFERENT 24 HOUR.”

The outspoken actress then moved to Instagram to continue her rant against the affluent family, who just defended their blockbuster nine-figure deal for their new Hulu reality series, “The Kardashians.”

“They should not be probed about their success formula,” Jamil remarked. “They should not respond to those inquiries.” It’s all evident to everyone, and I hope no one measures themselves to the standards of billionaires’ children.”

Despite admitting that they are a “super impressive family of businesswomen” with a “genius manager in their mother as well as their own hard work and personal sacrifices,” Jamil slammed the family for faking their photos and “misleading people” about their beauty claims.

“And a lot of money earned from dubious diet/detox goods and corsets,” she said.

She came to the conclusion that the family should “take the money, put it to good use, and chill the f–k out when lecturing others about grind and hustle.” And learn how to brag without diminishing others who have less.”

Variety published a lengthy interview with the Kardashians about their forthcoming programme on Wednesday, in which Kim stated that women should “Get your f–king ass up and work.” Nobody appears to want to work these days.”

But she wasn’t the only one who was chastised for her remark, to which her sister Kourtney replied, “That’s very true.” Fans took to social media to remind Kourtney of her frequent complaints about working on their last show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Jamil, a self-described “feminist-in-progress,” has clashed with the Kardashians.

She’s publicly chastised them in recent years for pushing unattainable body ideals, not being open about the surgical surgery they’ve had done, and supporting possibly deadly “diet” items.

Jamil pledged to cease calling out “harmed and misled” Kim in June 2020, stating that her years-long effort was finally finished.

She obviously had more work to do.