Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx’s Unbelievably Accurate Impression of Former President Goes Viral

Is anyone else completely blown away?

So now we know what makes Jamie Foxx such an incredible actor.

The Ray star is known for doing amazing impressions of people, but his most recent impersonation is so good that we’re looking around for the real person he’s impersonating.

On an August 25 episode of the Rap Radar podcast, the actor launched into a stunning impersonation of former President Donald Trump, and let’s just say—nailed it!

The Just Mercy actor appeared on a podcast with rapper Snoop Dogg to discuss their upcoming film Day Shift with Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson and Brian “B. Dot” Miller.

Snoop told the two podcast hosts that he plans to reconnect with Michael “Harry-O” Harris, a Death Row Records funder, after Trump pardons him in 2021.

It only took the mention of the American businessman for Foxx to go full-on Trump, busting out his expert impersonation skills and causing his peers to burst out laughing.

“There are a lot of great people on both sides,” Foxx said in his best Trump impersonation. He continued, “There are a lot of great people on both sides.” Harry-O is a wonderful person; he couldn’t vote for me at the time, but he will be able to do so once he is released.”

The 76-year-old public figure isn’t the only one who has been subjected to Foxx’s impersonation jokes.

Aside from acting roles in which he has stepped into the shoes of other celebrities, such as Ray Charles, to accurately portray them on-screen, the Baby Driver star has also demonstrated his master skills by impersonating former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. He even played a president in the 2013 film White House Down.

In addition to Day Shift, the actor has confirmed the upcoming Netflix comedy Back In Action, in which he will star alongside Cameron Diaz.