Jenifer Aniston

Jenifer Aniston’s 54th Birthday Photo is Nearly Unrecognizable, and People Have Ideas

Jennifer Aniston recently turned 54 years old.

The actress marked the occasion by posting a rare childhood photo of herself with her late parents on Instagram.

Aniston previously discussed her feelings about ageing and what she’s learned about lifespan from her mother.

Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram posts (such as a steamy shower photo or an at-home fitness routine) receive a lot of comments and likes. The actress understands what her fans want to see. Aniston recently celebrated her 54th birthday on Instagram, commemorating the event with a touching childhood photo of her late mother and father. Viewers flocked to the photo of the young actress, lavishing affection on The Morning Show host.

“Thinking about these two beings who made me while I bask in the afterglow of a great birthday,” Aniston captioned the Instagram image. “I felt sooooo much love from so many and ALL of it is going to carry me through this crazy and delightfully unknown year ahead. “I’m in love with you!”

Fans and celebrities alike swamped the comments section. Chelsea Handler commented, “Happy Birthday, you lovely tush!!!” while Kate Hudson used a single “” emoji. I’m pleased you’re surrounded by such affection.”

“Happy birthday Jen, you get more gorgeous with each passing year,” one fan wrote. “Happy birthday to an incredible woman,” commented another. “I wish you a happy day today and every day.”

Aniston has already spoken about her parents, including the ageing lesson she learnt from her mother in 2021. “When I was a kid, my mother was always very healthy and fit. “That’s always been my base,” she told Vogue. Her mother taught her that “this is about longevity”—the honour of growing old. “It’s just sort of been a theme in my life: to appreciate my age and not see ageing as a bad, but as the privilege that it is,” she added in the interview. “We’re all getting older!”

It’s not the first time Aniston has reminisced on her birthday. In a talk about turning 50 and ageism four years ago, the singer revealed a few views on hitting a milestone birthday. “It’s really strange. “There’s so much gloom surrounding that number,” she told The New York Times. “I’m about to embark on what I believe will be one of the most creatively gratifying periods of my life… Really, I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I think it’s ready to really take off.”

Around the same time, Aniston told InStyle that it’s “strange” that when women hit 50, they start hearing compliments like, “You look amazing for your age.” “I think we need to build some decorum around that discussion and verbiage,” she remarked.

We couldn’t be more in agreement. Jen, happy birthday!