Jeopardy! decides to keep both Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik as hosts.

Why pick when you can just keep going in the same direction?

It may be hard to believe, since Jeopardy! went through a long series of trial hosts before giving the job to the show’s producer (at least temporarily), but the show seems to have picked the least surprising and least interesting person to replace Alex Trebek as its permanent host. Would it be Ken Jennings? How about Mayim Bialik? They’ve been taking turns for almost a year, and now Jeopardy! has decided that… they’ll just keep taking turns.

That’s according to Variety’s sources, which say that both Jennings and Bialik have “entered into long-term deals” to keep splitting the Jeopardy! host job, with Bialik also doing special primetime versions of Jeopardy! and an upcoming version of Celebrity Jeopardy! (for real, not the SNL sketch, which wouldn’t be as much fun these days for, you know, sad reasons). This comes exactly one month after the producers of the show said they would have news about who will host Jeopardy! for good. “very, very soon,” which seems like a strange way to use the phrase. But what do the people who make Jeopardy! know about following the law to the letter? At Jeopardy! HQ, they can’t be too picky about the details, right?

It doesn’t sound like Jeopardy! producers or Sony Pictures Entertainment have officially confirmed or announced this, but Variety seems confident that it’s just a matter of letting the ink dry. Or whatever they use on those Jeopardy! answer boards, which are probably not real pens but digital ones. Don’t be surprised if Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik keep asking questions on TV every afternoon before or after Wheel of Fortune.