[K-pop today] Stray Kids 3rd week on Billboard 200

[K-pop today] Stray Kids 3rd week on Billboard 200

Stray Kids’ EP “Odd” ranked 59th on the Billboard 200 next week, according to the publication’s assessment.

The EP topped the international albums list for three weeks. It has landed the band on ten charts, including the focal single “Maniac.”

Released on March 18, the EP opened at #1 on the Billboard 200. They joined BTS and SuperM as the third K-pop group to top the list.

On April 29, the band will embark on its second worldwide tour in almost two and a half years. From Seoul to Los Angeles, it will perform 16 times in 10 places over three days.

Source Music confirmed Le Sserafim’s May 2 launch.

This Friday it will release “Fearless” and offer a showcase.

The six-piece band has already begun advertising themselves with a logo motion clip, photographs, videos, and member bios. The video, dubbed “Le Sserafim 2022 ‘Fearless’ Show,” had 1 million views in seven hours.

Fans snapped up all 120,000 digital mementos released last week to commemorate the group’s debut.

The girl group is Hybe’s first all-female band. Former IZ*ONE members Miyawaki Sakura and Kim Chaewon are among the newcomers.

Rose of Blackpink’s solo single “On the Ground” has 200 million Spotify streams, YG Entertainment revealed Wednesday.

In K-pop, it is the third solo song by a female performer. First came Jennie’s “Solo,” then Lisa’s “Money.” “On the Ground” reached 100 million streams in 71 days, the fastest for a K-pop solo artist.

The song is the first single from her upcoming solo album “R.” The song reached No. 1 on the Billboard Global 200 and No. 8 on Spotify’s Global Top 50. Rose became the first K-pop female solo artist to chart in the UK.

Sunwoo of the Boyz thanked fans for his birthday song on Tuesday, IST Entertainment reported on Wednesday.

It is her fourth solo effort after releasing “Want to Go Back to 2016 (Prod.wavytrbl)” last month. Last year he had “Berry” for his birthday.

“It’s an R&B song with spring-like melodies and a rap I wrote,” he said. He intended to deliver a song that people could listen to after a hard day.

Meanwhile, the 11-piece ensemble will release “She’s The Boss” on May 27 in Japan.