Kehlani ends her performance early after fans appear to faint in the crowd, saying, “I don’t feel comfortable.”

According to a venue representative, only three spectators needed minor first aid, and no one needed to be taken to the hospital.

Kehlani puts her fans’ security first. The R&B diva curtailed her Philadelphia performance short on Monday night when several audience members appeared to faint. According to a representative of the venue, the event stopped only “approximately 5 minutes early” and no spectators were sent to the hospital.

“I cannot consume this. This is unacceptable. I don’t feel at ease. I’m not feeling well. In recordings posted to TikTok, Kehlani was heard saying, “I don’t feel like anybody is safe right now,” as she left the Skyline Stage at The Mann Center. “I adore you a lot. I feel so heartbroken and disappointed that I am at a loss for words.

A Mann Center representative told Rolling Stone that only 5,600 people attended Kehlani’s concert there, far less than the venue’s 7,5000 capacity. According to the spokesman, “during the act, the artist encouraged her audience to make space for one another and step back from the stage, something we admire and the artist has done in many of her past shows.

The venue also “provided and distributed free water” to audience members in front of the stage, even though no one was taken to the hospital; three needed minor first aid; 12 others only wanted water or “a space to rest and relax.” The representative continued, “As you might imagine, the safety of visitors and artists is always the venue’s primary priority.

Fans could be seen pointing flashlights toward a person who appeared to be having breathing difficulties in one social media video. “Does anyone have an inhaler?” Kehlani was heard asking. in an effort to assist the fan.

Kehlani thanked the venue’s employees for doing a “amazing job” of assisting folks in the audience in a message she shared on her Instagram story after leaving the stage.

She stated, “I put you guys before anything and I care about you guys more than anything.” Thank you so much to the employees and location for their devotion and prompt attention to every member of my audience.

A request for comment from Rolling Stone was not immediately answered by Kehlani’s representatives.

Kehlani continued on Instagram, “Cannot express how much I appreciate each and every one of you and how vital you are to me. Seeing all of you on tour for the first time in a very long time has truly made me remember why I do it. I want you to understand how much I adore you.

On TikTok, viewers voiced their regret at the show’s premature conclusion as well as their thankfulness for the singer’s commitment to their safety. A fan wrote, “Things is how artists should handle this constantly!” The Kehlani concert in Philadelphia didn’t go well, but they handled it so wonderfully. Another person wrote, “We love you!

The Blue Water Road tour is Kehlani’s first headline performance in five years. She had discussed having Rico Nasty open for her when touring with Rolling Stone.

This makes sense in a cool way because I feel like you need both of us to achieve the goals of the tour, which are to heal, unite people, and let people be themselves and have fun, according to Kehlani. You must freak out and lose your mind a little bit in addition to crying and giving your loved ones a bear embrace. It was flawless.

Later on in the tour, Kehlani is also scheduled to make a stop at Oracle Arena in the Bay Area, where she was born.

“New Yorkers can access Madison Square Garden. The Staples Center is available to LA residents. This is our sh*t, she declared. “I recall coming to the Oracle Arena as a child, visiting the venue, tailgating in the parking lot, and it just being the hub of everything. For me, simply being able to play is plenty.

At 4:15 p.m. ET, this article was modified to include new information from The Mann Center.