Sophie Turner, Kendall Jenner, and Zendaya are all striking attention with their scarlet tresses. When Cynthia Nixon's Miranda returned to being a redhead, fans were overjoyed. Photo courtesy of the New York Post

Kendall Jenner and other red-haired celebrities are the epitome of the crimson frenzy.

It’s preferable for the girls to wear red.

With crimson-coloured hair, Tress trendsetters like catwalk queen Kendall Jenner, 26, and screen jewels Zendaya, 25, and Sophie Turner, 26, are turning attention.

“Red hair is strong, unusual, and a redhead is often the only redhead in the room,” Jenna Perry, 35, a Manhattan-based hair colorist, told The New York Post.

The mane genius, who is responsible for red Haute highlights worn by Bella Hadid, 25, Dua Lipa, 26, and Jennifer Lawrence, 31, adds, “The red hair craze is forcing individuals to be experimental.” Perry is a proud redhead in her own right.

She went on to say, “Everyone has ‘gone blond.'” “However, to spice things up’ and attempt something new, it needs someone courageous and confident.”

Jenner’s new hue was created in collaboration with LA colourist Matt Rez, and the supermodel unveiled it on the runway at Prada’s Milan fashion week presentation on Thursday.

In Paris on Tuesday, the 5-foot-10 natural brunette of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” fame continued to flaunt her fiery hair while hanging out with sister Kourtney Kardashian’s exes Luka Sabbat, 24, and Younes Bendjima, 28, as well as “Euphoria” actor Jacob Elordi, 24.

Zendaya, Elordi’s “Euphoria” co-star, has also been in the red zone. The Emmy Award winner added a glossy dab of honey to her auburn locks — a warm shade she acquired in December after deciding it was “time for a change” — to brighten her appearance this week.

The strawberry twist has received rave reviews on the internet.

On Twitter, a fan wrote, “Zendaya’s red hair is simply SO amazing.” “All I need is more red hair, Zendaya, and all my issues will vanish,” said another.

Turner received similar plaudits online when she shed her icy-blonde tresses late last year and returned to the cherry shade she wore on the successful TV show.

“Sophie Turner’s dark red hair is simply something so special to me,” gushed a Twitter user.

The maroon mane craze, according to Perry, is here to stay.

“Last year, a lot of people in my chair went red, but it’s now becoming more widespread,” she remarked.

The red obsession isn’t only sweeping the 20-something generation.

When Cynthia Nixon’s Miranda restored her distinctive red ringlets for the season finale of “And Just Like That” in February, fans of “Sex and the City” were ecstatic.

“Red Miranda is back, and nature is healing,” a fan of the programme tweeted.

It was a watershed moment for the character, who began the season as a natural grey (to Charlotte’s chagrin) and went through a contentious plot arc in which she left her husband for a polarising non-binary figure.

According to Perry, such strong gestures go hand in hand with bright hair colours.

“[Redheads] are self-assured,” she stated. “They aren’t scared to stand out, and they are aware that they are attractive.”