Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian reveals all: It was a “zing” during their first kiss and his “BDE” drew her in before their date at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Kim Kardashian has finally revealed how she met Pete Davidson in late 2021.

She told Amanda Hirsch of the Dear Media podcast Not Skinny But Not Fat that they had met at the Met Gala in September but hadn’t exchanged numbers.

On Saturday Night Live, she felt a “zing” during their “stage kiss” for the Aladdin spoof. She said she was lured in by his famed ‘BDE’ (big d*** energy).

After SNL, they enjoyed a ‘calm’ first date at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles.

Concerning their date to Knott’s Berry Farm, she claimed they wanted to spend more time together before becoming public.

Kim started by recalling their encounter at the Met Gala on September 13.

‘I knew him from The Met. His claim is that he was like, you know, asking around for my number and everyone was like, is she divorcing?’ “Kim.”

Kim had previously divorced Kanye West, with whom she had four children.

But I met him at The Met and he knew I was hosting SNL, but it wasn’t publicised yet. So he approached me and we spoke about SNL. In addition, the SKIMS founder said he was concerned about the announcement.

‘He merely offered me wonderful counsel and said, “Accept my number. If you need anything.” With gloves on, I couldn’t use my phone. And I said, “Oh, gloves. I can’t.” Ok cool, he said. “Oh, but take mine,” I was about to say, but it was like, no.’

Not until she hosted SNL on October 9 did they ‘connect’.

‘He was the only cast member who refused to film for The Kardashians.’ And he arrived the day before. So I didn’t see him throughout rehearsals.’

They began dating during rehearsals, claimed Hirsch.

Kim stated they didn’t practise beforehand.

‘We met on SNL. We had one dress rehearsal. Then the actual thing. So I was rehearsing with a stand-in the entire time and I was like…’

‘But was there an inkling of like, Hmm. ‘Did you notice the BDE?’

‘I was like, not even concentrating on it,’ Kim said. When we kissed, I was thinking, really? It was a stage kiss, but it had a little zing, you know? It wasn’t a wild sensation.

«Hmm,’ I thought. Then I thought, “I haven’t kissed somebody in ten years. So maybe I’m foolish and it’s nothing. It’s a stage kiss.” Then a few days later, “BDE activity, hmm. How am I going to? I simply need to go out there ”

And Pete didn’t show up to the SNL after party.

A school-too-cool kid I know… he was the only one who didn’t arrive… ‘Everyone was.’

Pete doesn’t go out, says Kim: ‘He doesn’t drink. Damn, he’s the only one who didn’t show up. I pondered it afterwards.’

A private hangout followed. ‘We just relaxed and hung out’, Kim recalled of their first date.

She stated they met at the Beverly Hills Hotel but wouldn’t say how they got from SNL to dating since it will be revealed on her new Hulu programme, The Kardashians, premiering April 14.

‘I cover it on my programme. That’s all I say. So I believe I’ll get, I think I’ll be that girl,’ she continued.

And their October 29th engagement at Knott’s Berry Farm. Fans wondered whether they were dating when photos of them on rides and holding hands were sold.

They were off. We made sure the photos didn’t go online. So whomever sold all those images was unscrupulous,’ Kim claimed.

Kim and Pete were caught kissing at the amusement park with Kourtney Kardashian and her fiance Travis Barker.

They followed her on “every single trip,” she claimed, adding that she doesn’t know who sold the photographs and wasn’t blaming anybody.

But no one has claimed ownership yet.

Kim also said she is too thrilled to speak about her breakup from Kanye West.

A little less entertaining subject than the Kanye divorce, but I just want to say… we have so much love for one other. We do. We’ll always be family, and we’ll always adore our kids.’

Kardashians on Hulu April 14, 2022.

Kim has disclosed that she is currently not communicating with her ex-husband Kanye West.

On Tuesday’s Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, North, 8, Saint, 6, Chicago, 4, and Psalm, 2, spoke out about her rocky relationship with their father.

‘We don’t really communicate right now, but I believe that’s acceptable sometimes,’ she acknowledged. ‘We’ll. We will. That’s me.’

‘I spent a decade with this guy, and I simply have so much affection for him,’ she said. That won’t change, but that doesn’t imply they’re the perfect one for you.’

She also alleged they didn’t talk for eight months after she filed for divorce a year ago.

‘We spent nearly eight months without ever speaking to each other when we first divorced,’ KKW Beauty founder stated.

‘Then we spoke again, and I went to the Donda premiere. He’d still see the kids.

‘We simply took a minute off chatting, and I believe that’ll happen in relationships. ‘I simply want – I hope we are the co-parenting objectives,’ she continued.

The mother-of-four then reflected on her parents’ divorce, Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian.

‘I remember my parents’ struggles,’ she remembered. ‘It took them a minute to adapt,’ he said.

Despite their differences, Kim and her ex-husband have’so much love’ for one other and will always be family.

‘We’ll always have so much love, and we love our kids, and we both enjoy the time we spent together,’ she said.

And, for whatever reason, sometimes things simply doesn’t work out,’ she said.

With their custody arrangement in the spotlight, Kim stated she doesn’t ‘judge’ how he communicates.

‘Whether I like it or not, I know who he is within,’ she told her audience.

‘I know what he intends to say and communicate,’ Kim said.

Still, she suffers when their various fan groups criticise and quarrel.

Not everyone in her fan following has to dislike him because they are no longer together.

When asked directly how their relationship is currently, Kim answered honestly.

She doesn’t mind his dating ladies that look like her because she ‘simply wants him to be happy.’

‘I don’t care. I simply believe it’ll show throughout your life.

‘You know, and as a father. So as long as he’s happy, I’m happy,’ she remarked.