Launching a native Windows client, WhatsApp will soon release a new macOS version.

On Tuesday, WhatsApp unveiled a brand-new app just for Windows users. This time, the programme has been totally rebuilt utilising native Windows technologies rather than the outdated Electron technology (which is web-based), which should improve overall speed.

Previously accessible only to beta users, the new WhatsApp for Windows is now open to all users. According to a blog post from WhatsApp (via The Verge), the new software will replace the outdated WhatsApp Desktop with a fresh, native interface. The app is now speedier and more dependable because it runs natively on the device.

The native WhatsApp app also has a few more benefits over the earlier version. Users can now, for instance, send and receive messages while their phone is offline. The interface has been cleaned up and made to resemble more like the Windows interface.

New WhatsApp apps are also available for Mac users.
The macOS version of WhatsApp should also receive a similar upgrade soon. The first public beta of WhatsApp’s new Mac client, which is based on Catalyst technology, which makes it simple for developers to port iOS apps to macOS, was published last month. The new software substantially borrows from WhatsApp for iOS and makes use of the native APIs of the operating system rather than web technologies.

As a result, the new macOS programme operates more quickly and with fewer resources, which aids in battery conservation. Similar to WhatsApp for Windows, the new WhatsApp beta programme for Mac OS also functions when the phone is offline.

The updated WhatsApp client for Windows is now available for download from the Microsoft Store. A machine running Windows 10 or a later version is needed. Users who want the new macOS version before it is officially released must register for the beta version of the software on TestFlight.

The beta software for iPadOS has not yet been launched, but WhatsApp also intends to create an iPad version (which is now entirely feasible with the Catalyst version).

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