Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings on Amazon will launch with two episodes that will reign supreme.

The soldiers of Nmenor are saved from a clash with the House of the Dragon in the conclusion by the enduringly well-liked duel episode opening.


The world is now different. It is visible in the water. The Earth itself feels it. It is detectable in the air. Since Jeff Bezos purchased everything, including the rights to about 10,000 years of Middle Earth history—J.R.R. Tolkien’s literary masterpiece—much of what was originally there is no longer there. With the debut of his $500 million television series, The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power, he then gains control of every Hobbit, Dwarf, human, and Elf who is infatuated with rings for the ensuing two months. Viewers will now be able to judge if the money spent on restoring Nmenor was worthwhile this September, or Halimath as we Shire folk call it.


The first two episodes of The Rings Of Power will be released on Amazon on September 1 at 9 p.m. Easter Daylight Time, giving fans nearly all of Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth fun in The Hobbit. After that, a brand-new episode airs every week. In the long run, the plan receives an additional benefit. Amazon avoids having their finale fall on the same weekend as Game of Thrones’ season finale since the release calendar spans seven weeks rather than eight. On October 14, the Rings finale will be released, about a week before the backlash from Game of Thrones begins.


About two weeks after the premiere of the new Game Of Thrones, Bezos’ costly wager on the following season, House Of The Dragon, a prequel about the fair-haired dragon-obsessed Targaryen family, will show. As a result, the two biggest fantasy franchises in the world will clash in a battle for cultural dominance unprecedented since the summer releases of Volcano and Dante’s Peak. Will the Elves’ righteousness be able to beat those vile Targaryens with their bleached blonde hair? Time will only tell. But at least there won’t be any Crimes of Grindlewald committed.