Nathan Fielder

Make yourself ready: The Rehearsal by Nathan Fielder will return to HBO for a second season.

Prepare for Nate’s Lizard Lounge to visit more locations

We are going to have to speak impromptu since we know you did not have time to practise your response to this news before it was revealed in the precisely replicable scenario. Before tonight’s season one finale of HBO’s surrealist drama The Rehearsal, the show has been officially renewed for a second season.

“With The Rehearsal, Nathan has ignited such a passionate discussion. According to HBO’s senior vice president of programming, Amy Gravitt, “We have no idea where Season 2 will lead us, and that is the thrill of this boundary-pushing show from a really singular talent.

With viewers engaging in lengthy Twitter rants over the morality of Fielder’s simulations and, as with Nathan For You, the repercussions on the regular individuals in front of the camera, the discussion has been quite lively. Fielder has gone to great lengths this season to expertly recreate and painstakingly rehearse a variety of experiences, including assisting a woman with childrearing, a man seeking his brother’s inheritance, and a trivia enthusiast who needs to admit to his friend that his academic status is a fraud. Fielder continues to become more and more engrossed in his own research.

Fielder is the series’ executive producer, author, director, and star. The Rehearsal’s first season finale will be broadcast tonight, August 19, on HBO and HBO Max.