Mattel and SpaceX have agreed to make toys together.

New York City (CNN Business) Mattel, Inc. said on Wednesday that it has signed a worldwide, multi-year deal with SpaceX to make a line of toys with rockets and astronauts as themes “to appeal to every child’s inner explorer.”

This is for both younger people and people who like to collect. The company said that it will release space-themed collectibles on Mattel’s Creations at the same time. Mattel’s Creations is a direct-to-consumer platform that often sells limited-edition, high-end toys, and other items.

Mattel Inc. (MAT) was started in 1945, and since then, it has been the biggest toy company in the world, making toys like Malibu Barbie and Hot Wheels Monster Trucks. The company has its main office in El Segundo, California, and is worth about $7.96 billion.

Mattel has a lot of well-known brands, like Fisher-Price, American Girl, and Thomas & Friends, as well as other intellectual properties that they own or license in partnership with global entertainment companies.

But consumers probably did not expect the partnership with Elon Musk’s aerospace company.
Nick Karamanos, SVP of Entertainment Partnerships at Mattel, said in a statement, “As space exploration moves forward faster than ever before, we are thrilled to work with SpaceX and help inspire limitless play patterns for the space explorer in every kid.”
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This is not the first time the big toy company has made something to appeal to kids’ dreams of exploring space. The strategy has been used since 1965, when “Barbie Miss Astronaut” came out. Barbie, who wears a silver space suit, was modeled after the Project Mercury astronauts, who were the first Americans to go to space. She was made to encourage young girls to reach for the stars.

SpaceX said that the goal of this new partnership is the same as its own.
“At SpaceX, we think that a future where people live among the stars is fundamentally more exciting than a future where they don’t,” said Brian Bjelde, vice president of SpaceX. “We’re excited to work with Mattel to inspire the next generation of space enthusiasts and explorers.”
Mattel’s Matchbox brand will make the toys available in 2023.