Meet Tech Entrepreneur Michael Koch

Risks are inevitable in business. But most of us are afraid of taking risks because we think we might fail. While it is true that sometimes you may take a risk and fall, the biggest failure is not taking that risk, a concept proven by Michael Koch.

Michael is a tech entrepreneur who took a risk to follow his passion. At the time, he was just a newbie in the tech space, and he didn’t know much about the industry. But he didn’t let this stop him. Michael started his first company, which he was able to grow, with his unique approach setting him apart. Michael consolidated and centralized all General Motors’ digital production and built the organization to a team of over 500 technologists.

With this, Michael took another risk and launched his second and third ventures. Michael is the founder and chairman of Koch Global Ventures. He is also an originating pioneer of the artificial intelligence, machine learning, and SaaS industries. Michael is the CEO of HubKonnect, an AI platform for data-driven local store marketing that is changing the hospitality industry and leading the world into the next iteration of the internet, Web4.

Michael says his goal as the head of HubKonnect and Koch Global Ventures is to build better and improved systems that will create more opportunities for business owners as they make marketing easier and more effective. Michael is also using his journey to encourage and motivate other young entrepreneurs.

Starting and building a successful venture is no walk in the park. You will encounter different obstacles, from people not believing in your ideas to a lack of funds, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t reach the top. According to Michael, it depends on your mindset, approach, and desire to excel.

Instead of dwelling on the ‘what ifs,’ Michael did his research, and with that information, he made a more calculated move and started his journey in the tech space. Michael has built and exited four tech companies, including his first ever company, which was acquired by Accenture. These businesses have delivered tech services to many of the top brands like Google, McDonald’s, Visa, FedEx, Nike, and Microsoft.

Michael’s tenacity as an entrepreneur and his bold and visionary leadership style help him continue pushing and developing new ventures and high-tech platforms. Michael has brought an extensive approach to the tech world, using the skills he’s gained as a football player to make a difference.

Michael is the former captain of the Wake Forest University Football team. He led the team for a few seasons before he left to explore his entrepreneurial side. The skills he gained as the captain are now helping him in his ventures. Michael has developed teams and built data-driven technology systems for numerous multi-billion dollar global businesses.

Michael Koch has built a thriving tech empire by believing in his ideas and taking the risk to start his first tech company. He has focused on his passion for the tech field rather than fame, and his unique leadership ideologies are helping him stand out from the competition. In the coming years, he aims to run a series of billion-dollar technology companies in Web 4.0 and artificial intelligence.