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Megan Thee Stallion claims to have paid Future $250,000 to appear on “Pressurelicious”

The long-awaited sophomore album by Megan Thee Stallion, “Traumazine,” was released last week following a string of top-charting songs, including “Pressurelicious,” which features Future.

Megan acknowledged that the $250,000 price tag for the feature was revealed during an appearance with the LA Leakers on Power 106 Los Angeles.

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“You do realize I had the beat for ‘Pressurelicious’? I only recorded the song in one way when I did it. I then say, “You know what? If Future was on it, this would sound incredibly difficult, she remarked before continuing, “So I feel like as a woman in the industry, reaching out to a man trying to get a feature is always going to be a struggle. Never know what to anticipate.

Megan claims she sent a request to the Atlanta rapper’s manager asking for his feature fee and requesting that he turn in his verse while they were both there.

“Okay, 250, they said. He demands $250,000. I responded, “OK, bet.” Someone needs to withdraw $250,000 from the bank and deliver it to Future with the instructions, “I need the poem before he leaves [Miami].”

Megan carried out the decision in spite of initial resistance from her staff, and Future fulfilled his end of the bargain. Rapping through the entire seven-minute beat, he emailed it back, which Megan cut and used to make the final version of “Pressurelicious.”

In addition to the Future verse, Megan said “Traumazine” was an album about “coping with oneself” after experiencing trauma for a long time. I didn’t even write these songs as regular songs, I wrote them as journal [entry]. I feel like I made this album as a letter to myself, a letter to my mum. It’s distinctive.

Megan has adopted a much more somber demeanor than in her other albums as the record has been released. The rapper hinted that “Traumazine” will be her last release through 1501 Certified Entertainment, the company she has been at odds with for the previous few years, a few days before its release.