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Meghan Markle Makes an Appearance on Instagram Reel for the Latte Brand She Earlier Gave to Oprah Winfrey

Clevr CEO Hannah Mendoza discussed how the instant latte company flourished when Meghan Markle became their “first investor, consultant, and largest Clevr advocate.”

“Everything changed” for an instant latte company after Meghan Markle’s support catapulted them to new heights.

Hannah Mendoza, the co-founder of Clevr, appeared in an Instagram clip posted on Monday to illustrate how their little firm developed into a celebrity-loved product. Mendoza explained how, in 2016, they began with a homemade coffee bar where they sold their holistic-inspired drinks. Throughout the week, they would sell and transport blends from their garage, and on weekends, they would attend at events with their coffee bar.

“Three years ago, everything changed,” Mendoza remarked as a video clip showed Meghan taking a drink from a mug. “Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, had already started drinking our lattes. She not only loved the product, but she was also very passionate about supporting female founders, sustainable sourcing, and food justice.”

“Meghan ended up becoming our first investor, adviser, and largest Clevr evangelist,” she concluded.

Mendoza then recalled when Oprah Winfrey posted a social media video in December 2020 featuring the company’s products in a gift basket that the TV legend received from “my neighbor ‘M,’ ” which she clarified was “yes that M” with a crown emoji, implying that the present was orchestrated by the Duchess of Sussex.

Mendoza went on to say, “She even shared our turmeric latte with her friends. A few days later, I opened my phone to see Oprah creating our Golden SuperLatte in her own kitchen. It’s not a huge deal. We lost it.”

“Our small but formidable crew was completely unprepared for this and ended up selling out for two months,” said the Clevr co-founder.

Oprah was such a fan that Clevr was named to the “Oprah’s Favorite Things” list in 2021.

Mendoza said the team has now sold over six million lattes, “and we owe so much of that to the power of women encouraging women.”

Meghan, 41, was seen in the film sipping lattes with Mendoza and sitting for a group photo with members of the Clevr crew.

“This investment is in support of a passionate female entrepreneur who emphasizes community development alongside her business,” Meghan stated in a previous news release about her choice to support Clevr. “I’m proud to support Hannah’s dedication to obtaining ethical ingredients and developing a product that I personally enjoy and that takes a holistic approach to wellness. I believe in both her and her firm.”