Meri Brown-Kody Brow

Meri Brown of Sister Wives comes out as gay after her divorce from Kody Brown.

Meri reveals her sexuality after sparking speculation by posting images of herself with female acquaintances on social media.

Meri Brown of “Sister Wives” addressed online speculation that she is dating people after her divorce from her companion Kody Brown.

Meri came out about her love relationship with one of the women she’s been linked to over the weekend during an Instagram Live with one of the women she’s been tied to after she started sharing a number of posts with her female pals on social media.

Meri was asked if there were any misunderstandings she intended to clear up during her and Jenn Sullivan’s fan Q&A on Instagram.

“Part of me wants to say it, and part of me wants to leave people guessing,” she explained before deciding to go ahead with it. “People are speculating about what I might or might not say. I’m just going to do it. I am heterosexual.”

Sullivan said she’s had individuals approach her after reading headlines about her and Brown’s relationship, including one who questioned, “Did you know you’re a lesbian with Meri?”

“It doesn’t matter who I snap a picture with and post it with,” Meri added, laughing off the rumor. “I’m either dating this guy or dating this girl because no one believes I can be friends, absolutely platonic friends, with either males or females. It makes no difference.”

Meri stated that her sexuality was a “frequent topic of discourse,” which spurred the declaration. “Now you’re all aware. You heard it straight from my mouth. I’m coming out as straight “She went on to say.

Brown also stressed that being gay isn’t a terrible thing “Whatever you want to be is whoever you are,” he said. It’s not a huge deal. I simply know what I like.”

Meri and Kody “made the decision to permanently terminate our married connection” in January.

Kody initially formally married Meri in 1990, and they welcomed their only kid, Leo, in 1995. Janelle, Christine’s second wife, joined the family in 1993. Robyn, Kody’s fourth wife, joined the family in 2010 before Kody divorced Meri to legally married her instead.

He remained spiritually wedded to Meri, however, their relationship grew more platonic over time, especially after she revealed in 2015 to having a catfishing relationship with someone she thought was a man but turned out to be a woman.

Christine has previously announced her separation from the “Sister Wives” patriarch. Janelle and Kody also confirmed their “separation” on the “One on One” special, where he expressed his desire to get to “a joyful and lovely place with” she and she expressed her perplexity about their current predicament.