Millie Bobby Brown on being sexualised as a teen

Millie Bobby Brown on being sexualised as a teen

When Millie Bobby Brown was an adolescent attempting to make it big in Hollywood, she endured “gross sexualization”.

The British actress, who got a starring part in Netflix’s big hit “Stranger Things” at the age of 12, spoke out about growing up in the limelight.

Brown spoke on The Guilty Feminist podcast about how turning 18 changed her viewpoint.

“I struggle with the same issues as any 18-year-old, navigating adulthood, relationships, and friendships,” she added.

“Trying to be liked and fit in is a lot, and you’re also trying to know yourself. The only difference is that I do it in public.”

Being sexualized in Hollywood may be overpowering, according to Brown. “I’ve certainly been dealing with it more since turning 18. People respond differently than the press and social media react to my coming of age.”

“It’s gross,” she said, saying that her Hollywood experience “reflects the society and how young girls are sexualized.” I’ve had to deal with it for a long time.”

Brown offered a poignant statement at 16 years old, addressing internet criticism and sexualization.

“16 has seemed long coming,” she wrote at the time. Change is needed for this generation and the next. Our world requires love and support for us kids to thrive.”

When she turned 16, she said on Instagram: “There are times I feel annoyed by inaccuracies, improper remarks, sexualization, and unneeded insults that have resulted in anguish and insecurity for me.”

“But I will never lose. “I’ll keep doing what I love and sharing the message,” she concluded.