Mo Kumarsi Is Redefining Web3 Through REV3AL

As Web3 and crypto continue to grow in popularity, the number of scams in the space has increased. According to a new report by Web3 security firm CertiK, more than $2B has been lost to hacks and scams since the start of 2022. These numbers prevent the penetration and adoption of Web3 into different industrial sectors as they depict a flaw in the technology. This has also seen various security companies come up as they try to help users stay safe. One of these security companies changing the game is REV3AL.

REV3AL is a security technology company in the web3 space providing new & dynamic security solutions to protect creators, artists and users. REV3AL offers multi-layer security solutions for detecting fake NFTs and other counterfeit digital media and caters to collectors, creators, intellectual property owners, and marketplaces. Their unique approach to Web3 sets them apart.

REV3AL applies similar principles to physical asset protection. Mo Kumarsi and his team are borrowing from different fields and using this to develop a multi-layer security solution. Mo, co-founder and CEO of REV3AL, has been an advisor in the blockchain and crypto space to several disruptive technological innovators, including Power Ledger, CoinPayments, ICOs, IDOs, and IEOs. He has also managed and led teams globally, growing into a thought leader and educator.

Mo has more than 15 years of startup and business development experience. He provides invaluable insight to further enhance projects through strategic relationships, building and inspiring communities that continue to follow his counsel today.

Adam Russell and Ben Caddy, also co-founders, have vast experience in business development, blockchain technology, and brand communication. Adam has over 20 years of experience in technology, idea development, intellectual property protection, product distribution, and product commercialization. On the other hand, Ben is a brand and communications specialist with experience in BPR. Before switching to the creative industries, Ben worked in business process engineering and business intelligence software. Together, they are leveraging this to build a one-of-kind Web3 security solution that is paving the way for the mass adoption of Web3.

REV3AL focuses on authentication and security solutions that are dynamic and multi-layered. Their patented encrypted marker technology allows creators, brands, and IP owners to protect the authenticity of digital media. This is critical for assets such as NFTs and In-Game items because it provides authentication at the point of creation.

According to Mo, their goal is to build an industry-leading marketplace for simplified and secure transactions. REV3AL has nearly 100 partners and is looking to grow that list as they create a more solid multi-layer security solution and generate more opportunities in Web3.

REV3AL will integrate with NFT marketplaces, the metaverse, artists, and creators. They have a custom avatar creation portal in the works. They also recently acquired an e-sports racing team.

As they continue to build REV3AL, Mo is also helping people change their lives through sales and crypto. Mo breaks down the complex crypto and finance industry into easy-to-understand terms. Mo Kumarsi has done talks on stages worldwide. He has spoken in front of thousands and helped many change their lives and finances thanks to his leadership and mentorship. He says his other goal is to help many more people as he grows his coaching brand.