Myth signs an exclusive contract with YouTube.


YouTube has done something else to try to get gamers’ attention. The video and streaming giant announced today that Ali “Myth” Kabbani has signed a deal with YouTube Gaming that makes him the only place he can play.


Kabbani, a well-known Fortnite, and Valorant player put out a video saying that the move was “his choice” to announce his deal.


Kabbani’s move to YouTube was helped by the same talent agency that brought DrLupo and TimTheTatman there. It comes as YouTube continues to lure popular Twitch streamers away from the site. Variety streamer LilyPichu just signed an exclusive deal with YouTube last week. She and Dr. Disrespect join other former Twitch creators like Ludwig, Valkyrie, and the well-known Dr. Disrespect. YouTube has deals with both the Call of Duty and Overwatch esports leagues which make them the only place to watch their games.


Twitch has had a lot of talk about how to pay creators. Kabbani didn’t say why this change was happening, but there have been worries that Twitch’s top creators might get less money. A recent report from Bloomberg said that there were rumors that Twitch might be planning to cut its top partners’ share of subscription revenue from 70% to 50%. Twitch didn’t say anything about the report, and it hasn’t changed the way it shares revenue with its users yet. Streamers reacted strongly to the news, saying that such changes could make creators move to other platforms, especially YouTube.