National Highways unveils £30bn framework plan for RIS3/RS4

National Highways unveils £30bn framework plan for RIS3/RS4

Ahead of the big shake-up, it is starting a round of early market testing with consultants and contractors in Birmingham on the proposed structure of the new 10-year multi-lot Integrated Delivery Framework.

Under the present plan, tenders will be invited in 12 months time to replace the current £8.7bn Delivery Integration Partners Frameworkwhich features 13 contractors. It may also replace the consultants’ Technical Assurance framework.

While still too early for details of the lotting structure, National Highways said the new panels would be for contractors, designers and potentially integrator roles.

Procurement chiefs said the consultation would help to understand marketplace limitations, gauge opinions and suggestions, to help shape the commercial and procurement strategy as well as contract documents.

After market testing, National Highways officials are planning a summer briefing to set out the procurement strategy in detail.

Market engagement plan

1. A series of workshops on key themes to aid in the development of IDF strategy.

2. A IDF launch session to provide an overview of the framework.

Our market engagement platform, which will include any market engagement material and any correspondence, can be found by signing up to National Highways e-tendering platform CCFT.

Market engagement workshops will start on the 15th February 2023 and run every Wednesday until 29th March 2023 in Birmingham Millennium Point Hotel. One representative per company is asked to register for attendance.

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