New NFT Project Disrupts the Industry by Being the First Project to Give 50% of Royalties Back to Members

A new non-fungible token (NFT) project, titled Hexgo NFT, has disrupted the industry by being the first-ever project to give 50% of all royalties back to members. The Hexgo NFT is on a mission to become the #1 blue chip utility NFT on the market. A project like this is the first of its kind—never before have members of an NFT community had the opportunity to access such a significant portion of the project royalties. Hexgo NFT does everything they can to help their members maximize their rewards when investing in their innovative NFT project. Using a raffled giveaway for registered members, Hexgo plans to take 50% of all collected royalties and disperse them to selected raffle winners.

“When we started the Hexgo NFT project, we were determined to create an NFT community unlike the rest of them,” stated a spokesperson for Hexgo NFT. “We want the Hexgo community members to have a chance to maximize their wealth by investing in the top utility NFT available on the market.”

The Whitelist for Hexgo NFT is currently open, and the collection will be minted in May of 2022. Hexgo NFT collection has already amassed a large following of over 76,000 followers on social media, with the hype continually growing as NFT collectors around the world anticipate the release of this first-of-its-kind NFT. Thanks to Hexgo, for the first time ever, NFT collectors have a chance to access up to 50% of the collection’s royalties. In order to participate in the raffle giveaway for 50% of the Hexgo NFT royalties, a person must be a registered member in possession of Hexgo tokens.

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