NFT Biennial: The Catharsis of a Strange Prophecy

The World’s First Art NFT Biennial is an international event that brings together the best and brightest in the digital art world, featuring works by top-tier artists and new talent alike.

The NFT Biennial will take place in different locations around the world during January and February 2023, with the first stop being in Istanbul at Zorlu PSM on January 6, 2023.

Visitors to the NFT Biennial will be able to experience a range of activities including multimedia art performances, hybrid talks, VR/AR experiences, and immersive exhibitions. At the biennial, whose Founding Director is Rahim Unlu, will also feature live-minting sessions and opening keynotes, lectures and panels on art and NFTs.

The theme of the NFT Biennial is “The Catharsis of a Strange Prophecy,” inviting attendees to explore the concept of a poetic human in an abstract digital universe. The Biennial will feature special projects and pavilions by Vellum LA x Unicorn DAOtheVERSEverse, fx(hash), Harddisk Museum, Artsect DAO, Istanbul X Media Art Museum and more. NFT Biennial is supported by the Theses Foundation.

Built on the Theses blockchain, the world-renowned open-source blockchain, and supported by leading Web 3.0 companies and communities including Unicorn DAO, and fx(hash), more than 100 art NFTs will be exhibited at the NFT Biennial.

NFT Biennial will be accessible for free to global audiences online and in person at various physical locations around the world, including Istanbul, Berlin, London, Bogota, Brussels, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to experience the future of art and technology at the world’s first ArtNFT Biennial.

The first edition of the NFT Biennial: “The Catharsis of a Strange Prophecy”

NFT Biennial Founding Director Rahim Unlu said, “Our first edition, which is shaped in the triangle of nature, human, and technology, sets out with the motto of ‘Catharsis of a Strange Prophecy.’ The conceptual framework of the Biennial takes a poetic approach instead of adhering to a rigid concept, instead posing open-ended and abstract questions to the audience. This approach, symbolized by a three-point question mark, aims to allow each audience to find their own answers. In addition, 9 different pavilions curated by a team of 10 people in different parts of the world come together in the metaverse as well as in physical galleries and turn into a fully phygital experience.”

About the NFT Biennial, TZ Connect’s Head of Arts and Culture Diane Drubay said: “The NFT Biennial is a celebration using art for social impact and technology for togetherness. Deeply rooted in Tezos’ community culture, we look forward to seeing these exhibitions blooming all around the world.”

What is the Tezos blockchain?

Tezos is smart money, redefining what it means to hold and exchange value in a digitally connected world. A self-upgradable and energy-efficient Proof of Stake blockchain with a proven track record, Tezos seamlessly adopts tomorrow’s innovations without network disruptions today. For more information, please visit

Visit NFT Biennial in the physical locations:

  • Istanbul – Zorlu PSM: January 6 – 15
  • Los Angeles – Vellum LA: January 26 – February 12
  • Berlin – Synthesis Gallery: February 2-5
  • Istanbul – X Media Art Museum: February 3 – 9
  • Bogota – Rincon Projects vi theVerseVerse: February 3 – 9
  • Berlin – despace: February 9-14
  • Tokyo – UltraSuperNew Gallery: February 15 – 18
  • Brussels – BXL Art NFT Gallery: February 16-26
  • London – Artsect Gallery: February 24-25


  • Soliman Lopez (Tokyo, HDD Museum Curation)
  • Julie Walsh (Istanbul, Zorlu PSM Curation)
  • Chanel Verdult (Vellum LA X UnicornDAO Curation)
  • Alice Scope (Vellum LA X UnicornDAO Curation)
  • Dr. Isil Ezgi Celik (Agora Digital Art Curation)
  • Atay Ilgun (London-Istanbul Curations)
  • Olha Pylypenko (Berlin, despace Curation)
  • Esra Ozkan (Istanbul, X Media Art Museum Curation)
  • Gladys Garrote (Bogota Curation)
  • Giorgio Vitale (Berlin, Synthesis Gallery X Feral File Curation)

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