Nina Diaz: Wild Baby

Nina Diaz: Wild Baby

Flaunt Weekly

Photograph by Jorge Gonzalez

As viewed in Guitar Girl Journal Recount 21 – Fall 2022

In the case of girl guitar heroes, Nina Diaz is no longer one to be lost sight of. Starting her musical endeavors at a mere 13 years frail, Diaz used to be signed by the one and finest Runaway, Joan Jett’s Blackheart Data, at 17. Since then, Diaz has been writing and performing her own tune extra currently, fervent to take the subsequent steps in her musical profession by producing each and each her own and further artists albums as neatly.

Diaz isn’t slowing down anytime quickly, either. Her utter has been heard when basically the most modern political climate went bitter in direction of abortion rights by creating the one “Holy Mary Mother in Me” to disclose her disdain in direction of the diminishing abortion rights. The single is off her original studio album, If I Could Be You, You Could Be Me, which Diaz says captures her stay efficiency vitality, calling it her “most susceptible and raw open ever.” The self-produced album used to be recorded in San Antonio, TX, at Diaz’s BeatGirlProductions.

The press open announcing Diaz’s most modern work states, “I Could Be You, You Could Be Me is ready talking up, facing fears, inner most exclaim, and what’s in metaphysical circles called Shadow Work.” Diaz says, “the album title is from a line on the be conscious ‘Marigold.’ When we present an explanation for ideal empathy to ourselves, and settle for our shadow facet, or “gloomy facet,” we are in a position to build energy from trauma. My weak point can join with others as neatly as my energy. When COVID hit, my belief of renting studio time to epic the album disappeared. Funds obtained very, very low and I wasn’t sure what to create. Inspiration hit while making ends meet creating personalized, commissioned quilt songs for fans. I believed I’d finest create about a tracks. I ended up doing end to 100 quilt songs ranging from artists esteem Taylor Swift to Led Zeppelin. On this strategy, I created BeatGirlProductions, the place I recorded and produced my original epic.”

Diaz additionally took an inspiring characteristic in the mastering of the original album alongside Jerry at Terra Nova Mastering in Austin, TX. Of the experience, Diaz mentioned, “In the previous, it had consistently been tough to characterize to producers what I hear in my head. Now, I know guidelines on how to electrify it happen. There might be soundless so worthy to be taught, but on the tip of the day, I am proud of myself and the art I created along with his first self-produced/engineered/blended album.”

We caught up with Diaz to secure the download about her musical profession and her original tune.

You had been 13 years frail while you made up our minds tune used to be for you; what made you’ll want to to be looking out for to have confidence to pursue tune?
When I was 13 and even youthful, I’d drop asleep with my headphones on, and whatever tune performed, I’d imagine myself on stage performing it. However at 13, I was huge vexed. It’s esteem I had a theory of what I could be but didn’t no doubt have confidence a definite confident path to practice. When destiny had me present an explanation for a tune I had written on the time to my former bandmates in Girl in A Coma (Phanie, Jenn), I wasn’t taking a look to be in a band with them; I honest a in point of fact mighty to give a proof for my gargantuan sisters what I had carried out in hopes they’d mediate it used to be frigid. Then they advised I be the lead singer of the band they had been forming, and that’s what kinda pushed me to practice this daydream I had for goodbye. It used to be a crew effort; we all helped every other fulfill something lacking in our lives at that point. Tune turned esteem entirely fragment of my DNA. Even when I was walking down some gloomy times, tune has consistently been something fixed in my existence and lets in me to disclose myself via any fragment.

Who are your influences?
When I first started taking part in tune and discovering my very own vogue via artists I was inspired by Morrissey used to be for sure on the head of that checklist — followed by Björk, Jeff Buckley, the Beatles, and PJ Harvey, to name about a.

Whenever you happen to had been with the band Girl In A Coma, the band used to be signed by Joan Jett’s Blackheart Data. What is it prefer to work with any individual with so worthy rock history coursing via her veins?
Being fragment of the Blackheart Data family for sure taught me lessons main for me to be taught in sigh for me to practice my course and impact my very own imprint in the tune world. What to create and what to no longer create.

Can you show us a tiny bit about your original single, “Holy Mary Mother in Me?” What message are you looking out for to pressure house here?
This message is extra of a mantra to Mother Mary. Discovering energy in her goddess vitality as I slash chords with toxic americans or patterns.

How about your original album? What used to be the foundation for the tune?
My original album follows my very own inner most stride via shadow work. Shadow work is a timeframe thrown in the metaphysical scene; it’s about therapeutic previous traumas to glimpse hidden gifts. If there have confidence been times I’d no doubt feel esteem I had no utter, I looked aid to head looking out the place it started. Changed into once it a person? A scenario? By taking a look aid and no doubt seeing it I was in a location to stamp the world off and now reclaim my gift of speech. Sharing these events with others in hopes they get courage to heal the relaxation they’ve been avoiding.

What is your songwriting direction of?
In the previous, I’d begin on my acoustic guitar and free-drift melody/lyrics. If I appreciated something, I’d grow off it and win in any gaps lyrically with stuff I wrote in my journal. Since COVID, I dove deep into overlaying a unfold of songs that reinforced my skills as a author. Treasure I went to tune college or something discovering out them all and how all of them ticked. Now I will write a theory, take a minute, and will doubtless be found aid to it with a fully formed building of what course to practice. I am additionally at peace with knowing the first draft is solely that; a first draft and modifying myself come more uncomplicated. I soundless like writing with my acoustic first, but I will generally have confidence a easy drum machine beat e book the vibe.

What is your drag-to guitar?
No longer too prolonged up to now, my drag-to guitar has been my Kurt Cobain Jag-Stang.

You self-produced your original album and are looking out for to head on producing ladies and girls, thereby creating BeatGirlProductions. Why has that vary into your original ardour?
I don’t are looking out for to merely epic ladies/girls; I am open to recording somebody that wishes to work with me, and if they wanna be taught the relaxation farther from me so a long way as my experience in the exchange, then that’s frigid too, but no doubt my goal is to envision out to bring out the finest in any artist. To switch previous doubt and honest strive things; generally it no doubt works, generally it doesn’t. However you won’t know unless you strive.

I know that I grew so worthy making this album and made substantial changes in my existence for the betterment of persevered exclaim. If I could affect somebody even only a tiny bit to in actuality feel their very own model of what I felt, then damn, that will per chance be improbable to head looking out. To serve e book them to head looking out their energy.

What’s in store for the future of your musical profession?
It’s very pushed to be taught; my profession, my existence, all the things. I are looking out for to experience things and watch what occurs. As an instance, I submitted this album for next twelve months’s GRAMMYs for many efficient original artist. I don’t know if I will probably be chosen, but honest the formulation of making an strive something original feeds my spirit. No longer being apprehensive to head looking out silly or impact a mistake. And no doubt making employ of what I no doubt have confidence been blessed to have confidence in my existence for goodbye — the gift of tune and sharing it with others.

I Could Be You, You Could Be Me tracklist:

  1. Give It All You Got
  2. Foolish Bother
  3. Sympathy
  4. Get Away
  5. Holy Mary Mother In Me
  6. Marigold
  7. All The Worlds A Stage
  8. Personality Confession
  9. This Loopy Feeling
  10. Chasing Shadows
  11. Angel Division
  12. On The Diversified Aspect
  13. Wreck The News