Hogwarts Legacy

Notwithstanding the controversy, WB Games CEO says the Hogwarts Legacy is off to a “spectacular” start.

So far, players have logged more than 250 million hours in the game.

While Hogwarts Legacy unit sales figures are being kept under wraps for the time being, Warner Bros. Games has disclosed other facts that point to the game’s excellent start amid the controversy surrounding author JK Rowling.

WB Games president David Haddad told Variety that “player engagement” in Hogwarts Legacy has been “amazing” since the game’s February release. WB Games reported that Hogwarts Legacy players have played the game for a total of 267 million hours, cultivated 393 million plants, and created 242 million potions. 1.25 billion Dark Wizards have been defeated by players.

“We are really satisfied with the initial launch and expect a bright future for our additional platform launches,” Haddad said, alluding to the game’s April release on PS4/Xbox One and July release for Nintendo Switch.

Hogwarts Legacy racked up massive numbers on Twitch and Steam, and it is still the top-selling game on Steam as of February 23. The game is also towards the top of the Xbox best-seller list.

The Hogwarts Legacy has sparked a great deal of criticism, controversy, and debate. Instead of a review, GamesHub published an essay criticizing Rowling and her comments.

In the 1890s, players began their magical careers as fifth-year students at Hogwarts. Players wander beyond the castle walls in addition to exploring the castle and learning spells.

Gamers looking for Quidditch in a future expansion of Hogwarts Legacy may be disappointed, as the developer has stated that it has no plans for DLC, at least not right now.

Avalanche Software, a Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment company, is working on Hogwarts Legacy. The game has sparked outrage due to transphobic remarks made by Harry Potter author JK Rowling. Despite the fact that she is not actively involved in its development, she stands to benefit from its success. Further information may be found in our in-depth piece on how Rowling’s words have influenced the trans community. This article also includes links to trans creators you may support as well as organizations to which you can give.

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