One million people on the waitlist for DALL-E will be able to use the AI image maker.

Over the next few weeks, people will be able to use DALL-E.

Those who have been waiting to use DALL-E may get their chance soon. The company that made DALL-E, OpenAI, said today that one million people on the waitlist will be able to use the beta version of the powerful AI tool that makes images based on text.

When a user types a phrase or a group of words into DALL-E, the tool gives back its own interpretation in the form of four images that range from silly to surreal. The updated DALL-E 2, which came out in April, added the ability to edit images that had already been taken.

As of last month, a few thousand users were the only ones who could use the tool. Other users were waiting to get access. Many people who didn’t have access to DALL-E learned about it in June, when images made with DALL-E Mini went viral. DALL-E Mini is a less powerful AI image generator that was inspired by OpenAI’s tool but isn’t connected to it.

For those on the waitlist who get access, each prompt typed into DALL-E will cost one credit, and users will get 50 credits for free during their first month. Users will then get 15 free credits every month. If that isn’t enough, you can buy more credits for $15, which gets you 115 credits.

OpenAI says it has been working to stop people from misusing the tool before it goes out to more people. The company says it is blocking uploads of realistic faces and preventing users from making “violent, adult, or political content, among other things,” to stop people from making fake content.

Users will have the right to use the images they create, even for commercial purposes. So, for example, you could print your images of the dog walker on T-shirts and sell them. OpenAI says that DALL-E could be used to make illustrations for books, art for publishing, and characters for games.