Nothing phone

One update for the Nothing phone adds numerous camera enhancements and bug fixes.

Your phone should last longer thanks to Adaptive Battery as well.

What you must understand
The Nothing phone appears to be receiving a fresh update (1).
The front and back cameras receive significant upgrades as a result of the update.
A new fingerprint UI and adaptive battery are enabled by the upgrade.
Although the Nothing phone (1) has just recently launched, it already receives upgrades on a regular basis. The upcoming update has already been seen by users; it seems to be spreading out gradually and includes some much-needed camera enhancements and bug fixes.

A screenshot of the changelog for firmware version 1.1.3 was uploaded by a Reddit user. It appears to be a sizable upgrade that adds new functionality to the Nothing phone (1). Now accessible, Google’s Adaptive Battery feature extends battery life by detecting app activity and adjusting as necessary. This feature is found on Pixel phones. A new fingerprint verification user interface for third-party apps is also being introduced by Nothing.

A lot of improvements are being made to the camera in addition to the additional features. When utilising Glyph lighting, the phone will now adjust the image’s colour and brightness. It should also take less time for Night Mode and HDR to process, allowing you to spend less time holding your phone motionless when taking low-light pictures. Additional improvements aim to increase selfie, digital zoom, and ultrawide lens photo quality.

Owners of Nothing phones (1) should value the numerous bug fixes that are included in these improvements, which also include improved scrolling on apps like Twitter. Additionally, while utilising the fingerprint sensor to attempt to open a notification, users should no longer experience the lock screen crashing.

Just three weeks after the release of firmware version 1.1.2, which enhanced support for third-party chargers, version 1.1.3 weighs in at over 65MB. This update doesn’t seem to be broadly accessible just yet (our unit hasn’t received it), but it will probably start to show up on more devices in the next few days.

Of all, many people, especially those of us in the United States, still have limited access to the Nothing phone (1). However, if you’re looking for a fantastic inexpensive smartphone, there are still several outstanding alternatives to the Nothing phone (1) that you might take into account.