OnlyFans has a nude video of me having a bikini wax.

OnlyFans has a nude video of me having a bikini wax.

TikToker alleges her waxer secretly posted a video of her getting a bikini wax on OnlyFans, prompting comments telling her to confront the waxer.

Awkwardddblackkkgirlll’s now-deleted video had over 70.7k views since April 8.

A girl who shared my delights on her OF page is seen waxing the poster.

She says she emailed the waxer after viewing a clip on Instagram. The waxer questioned whether it was her since she spotted her tattoos.

Her response: ‘Oh my gosh I am so sorry. I forgot to ask whether I could publish it. So when will you call? I paid the $11 to check whether it was me. I laid down to receive my wax and she had me in butterfly position and everything,” the poster recounted.

When confronted with this, the waxer allegedly sought to justify keeping the video up by stating she would lose tips.

“She says, ‘I lose the tips if I take it down, could I just give you $150?’ I’ve had one before, girl. Less if they chargeback.

“She offered she could keep the $150 provided she kept the video up. I remarked, “My tattoo shows, and I have birthmarks.”

The advertising said the waxer had roughly 488 OnlyFans from the same city.

“Hello? Those folks aren’t watching OF to see you wax. They want to see the variety of goodies.”

“It’s a beautiful video,” the waxer says to the poster. But the lady retaliated, accusing the waxer of exploitation.

That she would sue if the video was uploaded and she reported it to OnlyFans, alleging she didn’t agree to it being posted.

Commenters suggested suing the waxer for publishing the footage.

“Girl sue!” said one. “488 subs, she earned over $150 from it, and you didn’t agree. She attempted it with you, essentially ruining her life.”

“Sue her for $5000 in emotional damages,” commented another.

Others demanded that the waxer’s license be revoked, something the poster said her mother had already done.

“This is immoral (and more).” a commenter