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EntertainmentPamela Anderson’s seductive Broadway debut in ‘Chicago’ will be featured in an ambitious Netflix documentary.
Pamela Anderson's seductive Broadway debut in 'Chicago' will be featured in an ambitious Netflix documentary.

Pamela Anderson’s seductive Broadway debut in ‘Chicago’ will be featured in an ambitious Netflix documentary.

From Broadway star to reality star, she’s done it all.

Pamela Anderson has stated that her impending Broadway debut in the musical “Chicago” will be documented in her new two-part Netflix documentary.


The 54-year-old blonde stunner went on “Good Morning America” on Wednesday to discuss her role as Roxie Hart and her new documentary.


The “Baywatch” actress added of the docu-series, “They’re actually following me through this trip, so they get to see a little bit of me preparing for Roxie as well.” “However, that was not our intention.” Roxie appeared out of nowhere in the previous few weeks.”


Barry Weissler, the show’s producer, had previously called the Canadian actress regarding her job “only a few weeks ago.”


“How can you refuse him?” Anderson cracked a joke about her meeting with the producer. “It was just so ridiculous,” I said. It’s also convenient. Now that my children have grown up, I believe it is time for me to retire. I’m looking for a new challenge. Something has to be done. This was just what I needed. I’ve been away for a time, but I’m returning to take on the task.”


She also claimed that, while playing the legendary Roxie has been tough, she has been “surprised” by the amount of singing and dancing required.

“I like that scary, insane feeling of not being able to achieve anything and then pleasantly surprising yourself,” the mother of two explained. “Perhaps you don’t know what you’re capable of until you give it a shot.”


“So that’s what I’m actually interested in.” What options do I have? Because, except my children, I haven’t really applied myself in my life,” Anderson remarked.

The animal rights activist enthused about her new initiative, claiming that it seemed “really meant to be.” The part is fantastic.


“I just feel like this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to shine,” she ended. “This is something I’m doing for myself, which is unusual.”


The Ambassador Theatre will host Anderson in the role of Hart from April to June.

The announcement of her Broadway debut followed the unveiling of her documentary. Both initiatives were announced at the beginning of the month.


Anderson’s life will be “told in its entirety” in the documentary. Anderson’s sex video catastrophe with ex-husband Tommy Lee was the subject of the explosive Hulu miniseries “Pam & Tommy,” which revealed Anderson’s 1990s sex tape fiasco.

On March 3, the official Netflix Twitter account said, “Pamela Anderson is ready to tell her tale in a new documentary.” “In the film, which has been in the works for some years, the pop culture star will set the record straight as she reflects on her career and personal journey.”


“My life,” stated the announcement’s letter. “A thousand flaws, a million misunderstandings… I can only surprise you because I am not a victim, but a survivor who is still living to tell the true storey.”

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