Pauley Perrette

Pauley Perrette Claims to Have Had a “Massive Stroke” Last Year: “I’m still around.”

“I’ve been through a lot in the last two years,” the former ‘NCIS’ star admitted in a Friday social media post.


Pauley Perrette is speaking out about a “massive stroke” she had last year.


In a Friday social media post, the former NCIS star shared a video with the caption, “It’s 9/2.” I had a massive stroke a year ago. Before that, I had lost many loved ones, including my father and cousin Wayne. Despite this traumatic life I’ve been given thus far, I’m still a survivor… And I’m still thankful, still full of faith, and STILL HERE!”


Perrette addresses her followers in the video as she reflects on the “one year anniversary” of her stroke.


“Of course, I’m still here. “Like, how many times have I cheated death?” she went on. “It’s like I nearly died from a hair dye allergy.” I have food allergies and have been a victim of domestic violence and rape. I was attacked by a crazy homeless person and nearly died, but I’m still alive. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude, especially for all of my rescue dogs who are nearby. And I’m here, I’m still here, and I’m fine. In the last two years, I’ve been through a lot. Things that are more difficult than having a stroke, but I’m still here and grateful.”


Perrette announced her departure from NCIS in 2017 after 15 seasons as forensic specialist Abby Sciuto on the CBS drama. When she made the announcement, she debunked rumours about why she was leaving the show, saying it was a decision she made a year ago and was “not due to a nonexistent skin-care line or rift” with the network or her castmates. “I hope everyone loves and enjoys EVERYTHING ABBY not only for the rest of this season, but for everything she has given all of us for the past 16 years,” Perrette wrote at the time. “All the love, laughter, and inspiration…. I adore her as much as you do.”