Sarah Michelle Gellar and Pedro Pascal.

Pedro Pascal Is Adorably Perplexed Sarah Michelle Gellar Made a Post About Him

The “Last of Us” actor couldn’t help but reflect on his time on “Buffy.”

If you’ve ever wanted to see Joel from “The Last Us” turn into a raving fangirl, today is your lucky day.

Pedro Pascal was amused to see that Sarah Michelle Gellar had written about him earlier this week.

On Monday, the “Wolf Pack” star reminded fans on Instagram that she and Pascal had previously worked together on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

But the “Mandalorian” star appeared to be unaware.

When Entertainment Tonight brought up Gellar’s post to Pascal during a red-carpet interview on Tuesday, the former “Game of Thrones” star responded as if his brain had just exploded (sorry).

“Sarah Michelle Gellar mentioned me?

” Pascal inquired, both flattered and perplexed. “I need to go on the internet!” ”

As ET tried to shift the subject, Pascal was clearly still preoccupied with Gellar’s tweet about him and asked his interviewer where he might locate it. As a result, the entertainment source complied and displayed it to him.

“Oh, my gosh,” Pascal said as he examined a screenshot of himself and Gellar from a 1999 episode of “Buffy.”

ET decided to go with it and asked, “What do you recall about that?” as Pascal continued to stare at the post in awe.

“Everything!” Pascal stated with a “duh” expression. “Perfectly everything.”

Pascal then became extremely nostalgic, recalling numerous specific moments from his time on the show and working with Gellar.

Pascal’s experiences on the “Buffy” set include, but are not limited to:

Gellar presented him with ice cream.
The filming took place on the UCLA campus.
In order to film his “Buffy” sequences, he had to miss the opening night of a play he was performing in.
He had to eat lunch while dressed as a vampire.
“I could go on and on,” Pascal continued. “I could walk you through every aspect step by step.”

He also talked highly of Gellar, calling her “very kind” and “the best.”

Gellar hasn’t been as enthusiastic about Pascal as she has been about another HBO blockbuster, “The White Lotus.”

Consequently, HuffPost is requesting that Mike White, the author of “The White Lotus,” reunite these two performers and cast them in Season 3. Additional points if they meet when lost and roaming around.