Davidson also has an inking of the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on his right shoulder. NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Pete Davidson’s tattoo collection includes anything from tributes to his ex-girlfriends to images of Winnie the Pooh and Hillary Clinton.

“SNL” star Pete Davidson has more than 70 tattoos on his body. His girlfriend Kim Kardashian revealed that he has had the name “KIM” tattooed on his chest with a hot iron, something she had previously claimed he didn’t want to cover up. Tattoo artists cautioned him against getting the tattoo on the spur of the moment. He also had a tribute to his father, who died on September 11th, 2001. Davidson has a tattoo of a fireman on his left forearm and quotes from Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter. He also has his father’s firefighting badge number “8418” tattooed on the same side of his forearm. Davidson’s mother, Amy, says her son is finding his way in life. He also has an inking of Hillary Clinton on his leg, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg on his right shoulder.

He wears his heart on his (tattooed) sleeve, and he’s proud of it.

However, Kim Kardashian is not the only woman Pete Davidson has openly inscribed on his flesh. Even though they have only been dating for four months, Davidson has “many” tattoos tattooed throughout his body in honour of his girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

The “SNL” star’s tattoos describe his life narrative, with allusions to ex-girlfriends, his late father, and his favourite movies. Some chapters are being written in front of the public, while others are being done behind closed doors.

While speaking with Ellen DeGeneres, Kardashian, 41, said that Davidson has many tattoos on his body. She stated that her favourite of Davidson’s ink is an inscription that reads: “My lady is a lawyer.”

She also acknowledged that her 28-year-old comic lover had had the name “KIM” branded on his chest with a hot iron, something she had previously denied.

The reality star gushed over Davidson, who she claims told her: “I don’t want to be able to get rid of it or cover it up; I just wanted it to remain there like a scar on me.” “He wanted to do something very distinctive [for me],” Kardashian said.

The comedian has started removing several of his tattoos in recent years, including odes to his former fiancée Ariana Grande.

Before he started having them removed by laser in late 2020, Davidson had more than 70 tattoos in total, according to the publication Insider.

Last July, the “Saturday Night Live” actor spoke out about his desire to get rid of his tattoos, stating that he hoped to get the majority of them erased by the time he was 30.

Many of Davidson’s inks are incredibly emotive, and although a large number of them look utterly random, such as depictions of a white unicorn and Winnie the Pooh, many others are not.

For the openly gay comic, who has suffered from mental health difficulties, being tattooed is a very emotional experience.

The inked magazine published an interview with the Staten Island native in which he said that he gets tattoos as “a release” and as a means of preventing self-harm.

In his words, “when [I’m] so frantic and agitated, sometimes that’s the only thing that will work for me.”

In this gallery, you’ll find some of Davidson’s most recognisable and outrageous tattoos, which represent his chaotic and colourful life.

A Tribute to Ariana Grande

A whirlwind affair between Davidson and Grande started in May of last year, leading to the couple’s engagement the following month.

He went to the tattoo shop very shortly thereafter to get his admiration for the pop star inked on his body in permanent, permanent ink.

On the cover of her “Dangerous Woman” album, Grande is credited with sporting unusual bunny ears, which inspired Davidson to have the motif tattooed below his left ear.

The French word “Mille tendresse” — which translates as “a thousand tendernesses” — was also tattooed across the back of his neck, which he considered a personal touch.

Grande herself has the same tattoo in the same spot, and Davidson thought his matching design was a sweet way to express his admiration for the “God Is A Woman” singer. Grande herself had the same tattoo in the same location.

Tattoo artists, on the other hand, cautioned Davidson against getting the tattoo on the spur of the moment.

“Hey, guy, let’s just stop with the girlfriend tats till after [Grande’s] your wife,” according to Davidson’s reported conversation with Manhattan-based tattoo artist Jon Mesa, who has inked the comedian several times.

The following is what Mesa subsequently revealed to Page Six: “Relationships come and go, and Pete is a very young guy.” [However] I believe that was received in one ear and rejected in the other.”

Indeed, the romance between Davidson and Grande came to an end after just three months, with the comedian being compelled to cover up the tattoo tributes he had done in honour to the singer.

A loving heart was fashioned out of the rabbit ears, and he poignantly inked the word “CURSED” across the back of his neck to cover up the identical “Mille tendresse” tattoo he had done for Grande earlier in the day.

A remembrance of his father

While Davidson’s relationships have come and gone, his affection for his late firefighter father has remained unwavering — making it improbable that he would laser off a tattoo he had done in his father’s memory.

A depiction of a fireman, down on his knees with his head in his palm, is tattooed on Davidson’s left bicep as a homage to his father, Scott, who died on September 11th, 2001.

In the wake of his father’s unexpected death, Davidson was only seven years old, and the openly emotional actor has said that his sorrow spiralled into a melancholy that plagued him for over two decades.

It was “very difficult for him [Peter] to recover, and I would even say that it’s only been lately that [he] has found his way and is doing good,” Davidson’s mother, Amy, said of her son in an interview with People magazine in 2020.

In addition to the artwork of a fireman on his left forearm, Davidson has his father’s badge number “8418” tattooed on the same side of his forearm.

Inspirational quotations

Due to his struggle with anxiety and melancholy, it’s no wonder that Davidson finds refuge in inspiring slogans and sayings.

The comedian, like many Millennials, grew up reading Harry Potter and has a phrase from Albus Dumbledore tattooed on his arm right below his father’s firefighting badge number, which he got from his grandfather.

Happiness may be found, even in the darkest of times, provided one remembers to switch on the light, according to a quotation from the novel “Harry Potter and the Prison of Azkaban,” which is set in the fictional prison of Azkaban.

Meanwhile, Davidson has a quotation from one of his favourite flicks — “Rocky” — tattooed on his back in cursive.

“It doesn’t matter how hard you hit,” reads the tattoo on the arm. What matters is how hard you can take a blow and yet keep going ahead. “How much of a beating you can take and keep on going.”

Another motivating phase may be seen on Davidson’s left bicep, which also serves as a homage to his late father, who died in 2011.

‘Enable me to remain attentive and hear the faintest cry,’ says the passage, which is taken from “The Fireman’s Prayer,” which is a credo for individuals who work in the firefighting industry.

However, although Davidson may have literary quotations tattooed all over his body, he is most remembered for having considerably more odd words inked around his left nipple.

It was revealed that the actor had the tattoo, which read: “Jokes come and go, but swag is permanent,” in a shirtless GQ photoshoot in 2018.

The tattoo didn’t survive long, and he quickly got a shark picture inked over the top of it to cover it up.

While this is happening, the shark isn’t the only animal that can be seen on Davidson’s frame. His pale skin looks to have been infected with the bacteria of a whole zoo. There are drawings of the characters Winnie the Pooh, a leopard, a crab, and a pig called “Piggie Smalls” engraved into his flesh.

A leg tattoo of Hillary Clinton, the defeated Democratic presidential contender, was revealed by political Pete Davidson in 2017, and it received widespread attention.

A comment from Clinton herself was elicited in response to the picture, which looked to have been reproduced from a portrait of the former First Lady taken in the 1990s.

The body art was discovered by Davidson, who posted a picture of it to his now-defunct Instagram profile. Clinton reacted with the following: “Thanks, @petedavidson. “Having a Pete Davidson tattoo has made it substantially less embarrassing for me to have had it for years.”

Clinton, on the other hand, isn’t the only female figure that the comedian has shown in his photographs.

Davidson also has an inking of the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on his right shoulder, as if he needed another way to demonstrate his feminist credentials.