Today, support for marijuana legalization has become mainstream, and the cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing. Some people support the legalization of this business. At the same time, opponents say marijuana poses a public health and safety risk, and some are morally against legalization.

Nevertheless, each year, new cannabis legislation or ballot referendums open new markets in the rapidly expanding cannabis industry. Among the countries that join the weed race, Thailand has a great chance to become the most promising region in 2023-2027. The legal cannabis market in Thailand is valued at $80.3 million and is expected to have a compound annual growth rate, also known as a CAGR, of 58.4% in 2022-2030.

According to the experts, the volume of the legal cannabis market will exceed $18 billion by the end of this year and soar up to $34 billion by 2030.

Sounds impressive, right? This time, we will take a look at Profit on Weedthe company that supports legal weed, its mass adoption, and helps to make its cultivation as transparent as possible.

What is Profit of Weed?

Created by Green Grow Pharmaceuticals, it is a blockchain-based ecosystem designed to make transactions seamless in the sphere of cannabis purchase and attract investors to a rapidly evolving industry. Blockchain gives full transparency and the ability to track production and processing – from seeds, and plants in all cycles, to processing and marketing, and has become the basis of a new approach to production.

The founder of the TRB Group and Green Grow Pharmaceuticals is Nikita Ryabin. He is a well-known entrepreneur and innovative engineer with an impressive 18 years of expertise in the field of manufacturing.

Green Grow Pharmaceuticals, as well as Profit on Weed, are officially registered in Thailand as legal entities.

The mission of the company is to improve people’s lives by making the unique natural properties of cannabis available to everyone. The team behind the project plans to digitize the real production of cannabis in Thailand via weed-NFTs tied to high-tech greenhouses.

So, any individual can have access to the harvest and the ability to invest and earn income from Thailand’s legal cannabis crop. They can purchase plant-specific NFTs and take part in affiliate programs.

New money flow will allow the company to scale the project, and the use of blockchain tools and payments in cryptocurrency will make it possible to make interaction with users fast, convenient, and transparent.

How does it work?

The company has created an agro-industrial complex that has a field of more than 1500 m2, and that is able to keep 4600 plants per cycle. The indoor farm supports a needed microclimate via the HVAC system, and drip irrigation is utilized. More than 700 thousand dollars have already been invested in the creation of the production complex and marketing, the first cycle of growing has already been launched, the first harvest is expected at the end of spring 2023, and now you have a unique chance to join a successful and promising business.

Users can purchase weed-NFT and have a share of the profits generated from growing cannabis. These plants and their part of the land are tied to NFTs.

Check out all NFTs accessible on Profit on Weed.

Profit per yearProfit distributionRevenue per yearPricePlace for planting

Profit is generated by selling the crop, and the maturity of the weed is one year. Within three months, the first group of NFT owners will have an opportunity to receive funds or sell NFTs.

Weed-NFT and its peculiarity

Bonds are analogs of weed-NFTs from the traditional financial sphere. These NFTs provide their owners with the ability to receive income at regular intervals. They receive funds in USDT within one year.

Weed NFTs are issued and tied to a specific unit. They are utilized to track the movement of cannabis plants throughout the supply chain from a seed of exclusive cannabis strains to markets in Thailand, the USA, and Canada. Creating a transparent and immutable record of this information helps ensure regulatory compliance, improve the safety and quality of the harvest, and eliminate fraud.

Profit on Weed is among the pioneers in implementing blockchain within the segment. In fact, the company develops and provides the cannabis market with a decentralized infrastructure that will help to boost the whole sphere.

How to join the project? The minimum sum of investment is $100

Given the marijuana industry’s short history, it seems doomed to succeed and continue its impressive growth as new markets open. Anyone has a chance to join it thanks to a whitelist accessible on Profit on Weed. Users need to sign up on the website and join the list of privileged investors who will be able to buy project tokens as soon as possible. To sweeten the deal, they will have an impressive discount to buy NFTs and enjoy everything the platform has to offer.

So, be among the first investors who believed in the project. Get advantage of harvest linked to NFTs, generate passive income at the highest possible levels, and earn together Profit on Weed in one of the most promising and fastest-growing markets in the world.

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