Recap of the Never Have I Ever season three finale: Devi Makes Two Life-Changing Choices and Grade It!

Devi has stated that she wants to lose her virginity as soon as possible from the first episode of Never Have I Ever. She approaches the season finale determined to not be one of those “dusty” virgins who walk off to college unsullied, even though her heart hasn’t always been fully behind the project — as it was in the Season 3 premiere.

The subject comes up as a result of two key events. Devi is first selected to participate in a famous, if somewhat hippie-like, a program for seniors in Colorado. Her prospects of being accepted to Princeton are improved by admission, which practically opens the door to the Ivy League. She will have to forgo spending her senior year at Sherman Oaks with her pals, and she is certain that the highly motivated students at the new school will be too preoccupied with their studies to desire sex.

Second, Devi discovers that she is the only person among her close friends who have never had sexual relations. (Fabiola admits that after viewing The Mandalorian, she and Addison got a touch hot and heavy.) While Nalini isn’t aware of Devi’s specific motivations for staying at home, she supports the decision. This appears to strengthen Devi’s determination.

However, Kamala pulls her aunt aside and argues persuasively for pushing Devi just a bit to get her out of her comfort zone and into a situation that will undoubtedly be advantageous to her in the long term. When Dr. Ryan counsels Nalini to keep herself open to new experiences, along with Devi’s forced visitation to the university, everything changes. Eleanor and Fab are thrilled for Devi but sad for them when she decides she will go to the special program.

Graduation time will then arrive. Eleanor is delighted to learn that Trent will be around for her final year even though he informs her that he won’t be graduating because he failed too many classes. Paxton is picked to speak as a student and spends most of his speech praising the virtues of hard work while subtly mentioning Devi as the person who encouraged him to take his academics seriously in order to get into college. Although she is thrilled to receive such public praise, McEnroe observes that Paxton’s speech didn’t give her the stomach aches you might anticipate. But what happens when Ben tells Devi he’ll miss her “a lot” after learning she’s moving to Colorado? She experiences some perplexing stomach symptoms as a result.

Later, she expresses gratitude to Paxton for helping her cope with her father’s passing “by being a dream,” and she makes the crucial decision that she is still not ready to leave Nalini. She then sobs as she tells her mother, “I need one more year with you,” as she returns home. Nalini is ecstatic to hear the news.

Then Devi goes to Ben’s house, gives him the “One free boink” card he gave her in an earlier episode, and as he locks the door behind them, he draws her to him.