Reports say that WWE CEO Vince McMahon agreed to pay $12 million to hide sexual misconduct and cheating.

Vince McMahon, CEO and Chairman of WWE, allegedly agreed to pay more than $12 million to four women over the last 16 years to cover up claims of infidelity and sexual misconduct, according to documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal and accounts from people familiar with the arrangements.

In 2018, McMahon reportedly paid $7.5 million to an ex-wrestler who said that he forced her to do oral sex, then demoted her and didn’t renew her contract when she refused to do it again in 2005.

Also, a 2006 agreement with a former manager said that McMahon started a sexual relationship with her after she had worked for the company for 10 years, and she was paid $1 million to keep quiet.

And, according to a non-disclosure agreement from 2008, McMahon paid $1 million to a contract worker who showed proof of unasked-for naked photos of McMahon when she accused him of sexual harassment.

McMahon temporarily quit as CEO and Chairman on June 17 because an investigation was being done into a separate $3 million payment that he allegedly made to cover up an affair with a different employee. Stephanie McMahon, his daughter, has taken over as interim CEO, but McMahon still has creative control.

In a statement from the past, McMahon said, “I have promised to help the Special Committee’s investigation in every way possible, and I will do everything I can to do so.” “I have also said that I will accept the results of the investigation, no matter what they are.”

John Laurinaitis, a WWE executive who was forced to step down as Head of Talent in 2012 because of an alleged affair with an employee, is also being investigated for sexual misconduct.

Here is the full report from the Wall Street Journal.