Rick and Morty and LeBron James have both been confirmed for MultiVerse.

Today, it was announced that LeBron James, Rick Sanchez, and Morty Smith are joining the MultiVersus team.

On July 26, when the open beta starts, King James joins the team as the version of himself that was in Space Jam: A New Legacy. That means he’s wearing his Toon Squad jersey and making all kinds of crazy moves on the basketball court. In the gameplay trailer up top, you can see him in action.

When Season 1 starts on August 1, mad scientist Rick Sanchez will join the cast. He’ll have a portal gun and be able to call Meeseeks, among other crazy skills. Morty will join him during the season, but no one knows when he will get there yet. The young sidekick focuses on using projectiles like grenade weapons, and he can also whip himself at targets.

The open beta for MultiVersus starts on July 26 and will be playable on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. But if you played the closed alpha, you’re already playing the game right now.

How do you feel about LeBron James, Rick, and Morty joining the team? Who else would you like to see join in? Share your thoughts in the comments!