Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin talks about his nephew’s claim that he had a sexual relationship with him.

Ricky Martin has said that his nephew’s dropped claims of a sexual relationship were “devastating” for him, his family, and his friends. I don’t want this to happen to anyone.” The singer’s nephew got a restraining order against him earlier this month. Under Puerto Rico’s Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention Law, a judge gave the order after the nephew said he had been dating Martin for seven months and “feared for his safety.” The protection order was taken away today (July 21) because the nephew said he no longer needed it.

Martin wrote on Twitter this morning, along with a statement from his lawyers, “Truth will win.”

As we had expected, the Court did not extend the temporary protection order. The accuser told the court that he made the decision to drop the case on his own, without any outside pressure or influence. He also said that he was happy with how his lawyer handled the case. The person who was accused asked for the case to be dropped. This was never more than a troubled person making false accusations without any evidence to back them up. We’re glad that justice was done for our client and that he can now move on with his life and career.

Martin also sent a video to different news outlets and said, “To the person who said this nonsense, I wish him the best and hope he gets help so he can start a new life full of love, truth, and joy and doesn’t hurt anyone else.”

He said, “Now, my top priority is to get better. And how do I get better? With songs. I’m itching to get back on stage.”