RippleX Announces Wave 4 Awardees – Totaling $2.6M in Funding To 26 Projects

RippleX Announces Wave 4 Awardees – Totaling $2.6M in Funding To 26 Projects

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RippleX, a leader in blockchain technology, unveils the highly-anticipatedWave 4 awardees for XRPL Grants. A total of 25 projects from around the world have been chosen to receive $2.6 million in funding, highlighting the importance of sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion in the development of new use cases for the XRP Ledger (XRPL).

Announcing the Wave 4 awardees of #XRPLGrants! We’re excited to award more than $2.6 million in funding to 25 teams from six continents building new use cases on the #XRPLedger.Learn about the grantees here👇

XRPL Grants continue to support the growth of the XRP Ledger community by announcing over $10 million in funding awarded to over 100 projects worldwide, according to the blog post by RippleX Developers.

Since its inception in 2021, the program has been dedicated to providing financial support for software development projects that utilize the XRP Ledger and benefit the larger community.

However, with funding ranging from $10,000 to $200,000, the program prioritizes projects with a strong technical development focus and open-source components, with each team required to have software developers as part of their core team.

In a blog post, RippleX, the developer arm of Ripple, highlighted the importance of supporting projects that leverage the carbon-neutral XRP Ledger to address climate change.

An international panel of judges selected the Wave 4 awardees from web3, academia, specialized industries, and sustainability-focused organizations.

The blog post also stated that the program funded projects such as Carbon Capture and Tokenization by Mangrove (Canada), XRP Carbon Offset Toolkit (USA), and Sustainability Rewards by ThingsGo.Online (Brazil).

The program also funded projects in diverse areas such as e-commerce, arts and humanities, health and wellness, and pet ownership, among others.

RippleX also announced in the blog post that XRPL Grants would open applications for its next round, Wave 5, in February 2023. The focus of this wave will be announced at that time.

According to the blog post, the program will continue encouraging applications for sustainability-focused projects and projects from diverse contributors. Additionally, developers and project teams can sign up for the email list at to receive program updates.

Moreover, RippleX encourages new developers interested in learning more about the XRPL to check out the lessons on the XRP Ledger Learning Portal, documentation on, and join the XRPL Developers Discord to connect with the community.”

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