Rosé from Blackpink dresses up in a Rs 4 lakh little black gown for the 2022 VMAs red carpet.

The girls looked like a million bucks as they made their iconic debut on the VMAs red carpet, especially Rosé, who wore a mini dress worth Rs 4 lakh.

What a way to make an entrance! The Blackpink girls were the talk of the town today, August 29, when they attended and slayed the 2022 VMAs, also known as the MTV Video Music Awards. Miss Rosé stood out from the crowd in her mini dress and looked stunning.

Yes, that’s correct! Rosé kept it sexy and sultry as she walked the red carpet in her little black dress, instead of the long dresses worn by the rest of Blackpink. And, believe it or not, her LBD is not inexpensive!

This should come as no surprise given that Rosé endorses some of the most opulent brands available. In fact, she chose YSL, a brand with which she has been associated for many years, for the occasion. But, before we get into her fashion choice, here’s how she looked on the red carpet in her little black dress:

Doesn’t she appear to be a million dollars?
And if you’re wondering about the stunning gown she chose for the occasion, it turns out she’s wearing the Draped dress in shiny jersey by Saint Laurent. The high neck, long-sleeved mini dress has a long draped tail at the front that is tied together with a decorated flower.

However, before you ‘add to cart’ this beauty, you should be aware that it is not cheap! In fact, it is the polar opposite of cheap, retailing for around Rs 4 lakh. After all, Rosé deserves nothing but the best, right?

The Blackpink singer stood out, and in a big way! With her blonde hair, slender figure, and eye-catching gown, it’s no surprise that Blinks was smitten with Rosé from the moment she stepped onto the red carpet.
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