Russian influencers slash Chanel bags in protest

Russian influencers slash Chanel bags in protest

“If Chanel House does not respect its clientele, why should we respect Chanel House?” ask several Russian influencers.

Following a ban on new purchases by Russians during the Ukraine conflict, Russian influencers and socialites are trashing their Chanel bags in protest.

In movies posted online, Russian ladies damage their expensive jewelry with scissors and gardening shears.

“Chanel House does not respect its clients,” Russian model Victoria Bonya claimed in an Instagram video on Wednesday.

She glares at the camera after slicing her traditional black quilted handbag in half.

“Never seen a company treat its customers like @chanelofficial,” the blonde model captioned her video.

Rich Russians have been venting their wrath at Chanel for banning them from buying their luxury goods globally for many days.

Many businesses, including couture, have boycotted Russia in protest of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, but Russian fashionistas were not expecting to be banned from buying abroad.

Insider Liza Litvin blasted a Dubai mall for refusing her a Chanel bag, according to East2West.

Chanel “has a new order that they only sell when I sign a piece of paper promising that I won’t wear this bag in Russia,” she said.

He said, “They asked for my ID and I gave them my Russian phone number.”

“Then the manager stated they would only sell to Russians who agreed not to wear their products in Russia.”

Chanel’s French headquarters acknowledged the new policy, blaming EU and Swiss bans on luxury goods.

the sale of luxury goods to or for use in the Russian Federation is now prohibited under EU and Swiss sanctions.

“Please certify that the things you buy will not be utilized in Russia.”

“We recognize that these efforts to comply with the law may cause some consumers difficulty. I apologize for any misconceptions or inconveniences,” Chanel stated.

Former Chanel clients burn their merchandise in front of millions to protest “Russophobia”.

Marina Ermoshkina, a Russian TV personality, and performer broke up a dark grey purse to support her Motherland.

“No bag, no object is worth my love for my Motherland,” she said on Instagram. “It’s not worth my dignity. I oppose Russophobia and any company that promotes it.”

“Chanel is simply a bauble.” “An accomplice who chose to disgrace my countrymen and to discriminate against them based on their nationality, which I would not condone. After all, it’s not about your hands, but about your heart.”