Samsung says that in 2021, it sent out almost 10 million foldable phones.

The company also confirms that at its next Unpacked event in August, it will launch a new foldable phone.

Samsung said that it has shipped “almost 10 million foldable smartphones” around the world just a few weeks before its next Unpacked event. In a post on the Samsung Newsroom, Dr. TM Roh, the company’s chief of Mobile Experience (MX) Business, said that’s a 300 percent increase from 2020 and that he expects this “fast-paced growth” to continue. Most of its customers who wanted a foldable phone, about 70% of them, chose the Flip, which opens like a clam. That’s not at all surprising, since Samsung has already said that the Flip 3 made more people switch brands than any of its flagship phones.

Roh says that Samsung shipped 10 million units last year. This is a lot more than what IDC said Samsung shipped before. In a report from February, the International Data Corporation said that it “saw worldwide shipments of foldable phones, including both flip and fold form factors, reach a total of 7.1 million units in 2021.” No matter which number is right, Samsung’s MX division made more money last year. This was mostly because it’s foldable and its newest Galaxy S devices sold well.

Roh also gave an update on how Samsung’s devices are doing and confirmed that the next Flip and Fold models will be shown at the next Unpacked event. He also said that Samsung made improvements to make the next devices better for users:

“With the new foldable, I’m looking forward to seeing how people find new ways to do more of the things they love. You’ll see on August 10 at our Unpacked event that the impact of our innovations isn’t just about what technology can do. What you can do is what matters. We’ve once again used Galaxy users as our main source of inspiration to push the limits of what’s possible. I can’t wait to show you how our new Samsung Galaxy foldable can be the best tool for getting work done and expressing yourself.”

The next Unpacked event from Samsung will take place on August 10 at 9 a.m. ET. Join us on YouTube to watch our coverage, which starts at about 8:40 AM.