Sarah Michelle Gellar Strikes a Pose in a Sheer Bralette

She argues for a business casual wardrobe—with a focus on the casual!

Sarah Michelle Gellar looks stunning in these new photographs.

In fresh photographs uploaded on Instagram on February 23, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star makes the case for a business casual wardrobe—with an accent on casual.

Gellar donned khaki-colored paper bag waist trousers and a matching satin button-up, which she left open in the sassy pictures.

Her shirt dangled off her right shoulder, revealing a sheer bralette with black edging and netting trim across the cups.

She accessorized with a dramatic gold ring on her index finger and a blue-red matte lipstick, commanding attention everywhere she went.

That, it turns out, was her aim.

“”Now that I have your attention…” she continued the caption of the post, “@wolfpackonpplus episode 5 is now accessible. DO NOT SKIP THE LAST 5 MINUTES. Believe me.”

Gellar’s new sci-fi Paramount+ series features her as an arson investigator rather than a supernatural slayer, but she pays respect to her original character through the boots she wears on screen, as Gellar previously described in an interview with USA Today.

So it’s no surprise that one commenter wondered, “Which episode of Buffy is this?”

“MA’AM RESPECTFULLY,” commented another, while Amanda Kloots wrote, “OKAY!!! ”

“Iconic. Original slay queen, “Another comment was read.

“I mean, she didn’t even have to trap us in order to gain our attention. We are listening to Slayer talk “another joked.

“When Sarah tweets, you stop what you’re doing to watch,” the hype continued.

For the time being, fans may catch Gellar when new episodes of Wolf Pack air on Paramount+ on Thursdays, but she’s aiming for a cameo in another fan-favorite series, so stay tuned!