Sheila Day – Life Insurance is More Than Security – It’s a Legacy…

An insurance policy is not just a tool to safeguard your finances during a crisis but also a means to protect your family’s future. Contrary to popular belief, the benefits of having an insurance policy go beyond providing coverage after death. It offers multiple benefits while you are alive, like planning your retirement, clearing debt, saving on taxes, and, most importantly, peace of mind. Only professional insurance personnel will educate you financially about all the advantages of an insurance policy, so it is crucial to choose the right one. Sheila Day is one professional who has been helping families secure their futures financially with many available options.

Sheila started her career in social work and then moved on to the beauty industry before entering the insurance industry. With a bachelor’s degree in social work, she got a job in upper-level management in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities. After 12 years in social work, she started working in direct sales particularly for beauty products, and handled leadership and corporate-level sales management for 15 years.

Throughout her career in social work and direct sales, Sheila reapplied and was rehired several times in a row through corporate restructuring. This continued for a few years until she took severance. Sheila then pivoted her career into the insurance industry with FFL and never looked back. Working in the insurance industry has allowed her to work for herself and not for any corporation. But for Sheila, it wasn’t only about personal fulfillment. Insurance meant helping people financially secure their family’s futures, and that was an even bigger legacy to aim for. Sheila has worked hard to build a team that aligns with her vision. Her team has agents that work both in the field and remotely through telesales choosing the option that best fits them and their clients. To recruit fresh talent, Sheila prefers face-to-face, but has learned to embrace social media prospecting. Her comfort lies in real conversation, but with the growing popularity of digital media, Sheila is now working to conquer online prospecting and recruiting while still following her direct approach, which has yielded great results.

Stretching beyond clients, Sheila also takes care of her sales team. Helping others in her area of work, whether a client or one of her agents, has been the greatest satisfaction. She loves to see her agents achieve their goals. Sheila is a firm believer in teamwork and inspires her team to work together to achieve more than they ever expected. This way, they can serve more families and help them live financially stable lives. There have been truly live-changing instances in her career so far where Sheila helped families who did not have the means to afford an insurance policy. She wants to continue doing the same and leave a legacy for her children and grandchildren.

Growing an agency and building a team from scratch has not been easy, but passion for helping others has motivated Sheila to overcome all odds. She will continue to work in the insurance industry, helping as many families as possible. She aspires to be financially free to be able to support others with her time and finances in the coming years.