Southern Charm

Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green, who were both on the show “Southern Charm,” broke up:

Another relationship that has ended badly.

People says that “Southern Charm” stars Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green broke up after two years together.

Insiders told the outlet that the relationship ended because Rose has “a real problem with monogamy.”

One source said, “[He] wouldn’t make a promise to Taylor, telling her that he doesn’t want to be with just one person and change his life.”

“She’s very sad, but she knows she deserves a guy who will fight for her, not one who is so self-centered,” said someone else, adding that Rose will “regret this.”

Representatives for Rose, who is 42, and Green, who is 27, didn’t answer Page Six’s questions right away.

During last season’s reunion, the author of “Average Expectations” admitted to cheating on Green.

“It was an old flame, and I kissed a girl in a stairwell, but that was it,” he told host Andy Cohen at the time. He also said, “There were some text messages” he sent to another woman.

On an episode that aired this season, Green, who seemed to have forgiven Rose for those mistakes, was upset by how he acted when Rose thought she might be pregnant.

“You’re going to high-five my suffering and pain? During a tense scene, she told Rose, “You didn’t even ask how I felt.”

“You were like, ‘Oh, no, that was a scare. What am I going to do?’ You haven’t really said things like, “If bad things ever happen, you can count on me.”

Green went on to say that she was worried about her future with Rose and admitted that he was not a “safe bet” for her.

Green said in a confessional, “If I was pregnant, I would want the right steps to be taken, which would be marriage.” She was referring to Rose’s clear lack of interest in getting married. “But I don’t know how much he would step up to the plate, which is really s—ty.”

Green was worried about settling down, and Rose gave him a pretty cold answer.

“As soon as you tell me I need to do something a certain way, I’ll do the exact opposite… but I want you,” he said.

During a night out at Sullivan’s Island bar in South Carolina, Rose and Green hit it off after she made a joke about shark sex. In May 2020, they made it official on Instagram.

Just a few days ago, Madison LeCroy and Venita Aspen of “Southern Charm” told Page Six that they didn’t think Rose and Green would last.

Aspen, who is 28, said, “Taylor loves Shep more than Shep loves Taylor.” LeCroy, who is 31, agreed and said that Green broke “rule No. 1.”

She told her, “Always get a man who loves you more.”

Aspen also told us that Green is “head over heels” in love and “would do anything for Shep at any time,” while Rose “is just like, ‘Whatever.'”

Rose had told Page Six before that he and Green had some problems while shooting Season 8 of “Southern Charm.”

He said, “This season was hard on my relationship.” “Just that it was hard. I mean, there’s also a little worry when you’re filming. You want everything to go well, but when you try too hard, things usually go wrong, which is kind of what happened. I saw the train coming, but instead of running away from it, I ran right into it.”

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