Siwan discusses his role as the “clear-eyed crazy” villain in the Netflix thriller ‘Unlocked.’

Siwan, who has been acknowledged for his faultless and amazing acting skills in all of his roles, has returned to the screen in a completely different role.

He wowed viewers with his performance in the Netflix feature ‘Unlocked.’ Siwan played the primary villain in the film, displaying a side of his charms not seen in his prior performances.

Siwan recently discussed his take on the villain and how he understood the character in a recent interview. Siwan revealed, “Normally when we lose our iPhones, our everyday routine is affected and also we feel scared. Thus, rather than portraying the character in a serious fashion, I attempted to be a character that playfully messes up the other person’s life and makes light of the other person’s unpleasant position.”

Siwan admitted that he considered playing this character in the film. He went on to say, “It’s not that I chose wicked characters on purpose, but the debut of my works was inconsistent owing to the aftermath of COVID-19. It was merely a coincidence that the works in which I played a powerful role came out one after the other. To be honest, I debated whether I should take on this endeavor. The script was entertaining, but I didn’t think the character had a positive influence. Thus, as an actor, I debated for a long time whether I should accept a good project or reject it due to its social impact. Still, the script stayed with me, so I agreed to perform in the film.”

Siwan also discussed his chemistry with actress Cheon Woo Hee. He went on to say, “Woo Hee Nuna is an excellent actor. I knew she was a superb actor, but when I saw her in action, I was blown away by her enthusiasm. It’s difficult to maintain focus and intensity in emotionally charged sequences, yet she never wavered.”

Siwan also liked and admired actor Kim Hee Won’s performance. He revealed, “I’ve been a huge fan of Hee Won hying’s acting since I first saw it during the filming of ‘The Merciless.’ I genuinely asked him because I was intrigued by his approach to acting. Despite having a successful career, he is constantly thinking about how to improve his portrayal of the character and the scenario. In that regard, I greatly like him as an actor.”

Siwan earned a new moniker for his parts in the films ‘Emergency Declaration and ‘Unlocked,’ in which he played the major antagonist. Siwan earned the moniker “clear-eyed madman” after portraying psychopathic characters. In this regard, Siwan stated, “I’m not sure about my eyes, but I believe Lim Siwan is a positive character, and there are a lot of optimistic buzzwords thanks to my performances as Jang Geu Rae in ‘Misaeng’ and Jinwoo in ‘The Attorney.’ When characters are separated into the dark and light sides, I believe the majority of my characters were on the bright side. Therefore I reasoned that I might use that characteristic to approach a malicious figure while projecting a positive image. Yet, to be honest, I was very concerned when filming ‘Emergency Declaration,’ because my acting abilities were far from those of my elders.”

Finally, Siwan stated, “I believe that as time passes, all of us, including myself and my seniors, must grow. I suppose I have to perform a lot better because I grew up witnessing such wonderful seniors. Yet, I believe it will be difficult to follow in the footsteps of my seniors. Yet, I will strive hard to demonstrate a variety of positive aspects of myself.”